Skilled occupation list Australia 2018 for SKILLED INDEPENDENT VISA (SUBCLASS 189).

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Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189 allows foreigners to work in Australia without any job offer or any sponsor from Australia. This visa grants permission to stay in country for an indefinite period with rights to work, study and sponsor members of family according to the criteria specified by the Australian government. This visa is most suitable for those who don’t have connections to abroad to obtain a job offer from abroad.There are some specified occupations where foreigners can apply 189 visa. Below is the list of occupation announced the country in 2018.

Skilled occupation list Australia 2018 for SKILLED INDEPENDENT VISA (SUBCLASS 189).
This occupation is list effective from March 2018.

  1. Accountant (General)
  2. Actuary
  3. Aeronautical Engineer
  4. Agricultural Consultant
  5. Agricultural Engineer
  6. Agricultural Scientist
  7. Air-conditioning and Mechanical Services Plumber
  8. Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Mechanic
  9. Analyst Programmer
  10. Architect
  11. Audiologist
  12. Automotive Electrician
  13. Barrister
  14. Biomedical Engineer
  15. Boat Builder and Repairer
  16. Bricklayer
  17. Cabinetmaker
  18. Cardiothoracic Surgeon
  19. Carpenter
  20. Carpenter and Joiner
  21. Cartographer
  22. Chef
  23. Chemical Engineer
  24. Child Care Centre Manager
  25. Chiropractor
  26. Civil Engineer
  27. Civil Engineering Draftsperson
  28. Civil Engineering Technician
  29. Clinical Hematologist
  30. Clinical Psychologist
  31. Computer Network and Systems Engineer
  32. Construction Project Manager
  33. Dermatologist
  34. Developer Programmer
  35. Diagnostic and Interventional Radiologist
  36. Diesel Motor Mechanic
  37. Drainer
  38. Early Childhood (Pre-primary School) Teacher
  39. Educational Psychologist
  40. Electrical Engineer
  41. Electrical Engineering Draftsperson
  42. Electrical Engineering Technician
  43. Electrician (General)
  44. Electrician (Special Class)
  45. Electronic Equipment Trades Worker
  46. Electronic Instrument Trades Worker (General)
  47. Electronic Instrument Trades Worker (Special Class)
  48. Electronics Engineer
  49. Emergency Medicine Specialist
  50. Endocrinologist
  51. Engineering Manager
  52. Engineering Technologist
  53. Environmental Engineer
  54. External Auditor
  55. Fibrous Plasterer
  56. Fitter (General)
  57. Fitter and Turner
  58. Fitter-Welder
  59. Forester
  60. Gasfitter
  61. Gastroenterologist
  62. General Practitioner
  63. Geotechnical Engineer
  64. Glazier
  65. ICT Business Analyst
  66. ICT Security Specialist
  67. Industrial Engineer
  68. Intensive Care Specialist
  69. Internal Auditor
  70. Joiner
  71. Land Economist
  72. Landscape Architect
  73. Lift Mechanic
  74. Locksmith
  75. Management Accountant
  76. Management Consultant
  77. Materials Engineer
  78. Mechanical Engineer
  79. Medical Diagnostic Radiographer
  80. Medical Laboratory Scientist
  81. Medical Oncologist
  82. Medical Practitioners nec
  83. Medical Radiation Therapist
  84. Metal Fabricator
  85. Metal Machinist (First Class)
  86. Midwife
  87. Motor Mechanic (General)
  88. Motorcycle Mechanic
  89. Naval Architect
  90. Neurologist
  91. Neurosurgeon
  92. Nuclear Medicine Technologist
  93. Nurse Practitioner
  94. Nursing Clinical Director
  95. Obstetrician and Gynecologist
  96. Occupational Therapist
  97. Ophthalmologist
  98. Optometrist
  99. Organizational Psychologist
  100. Orthopedic Surgeon
  101. Orthoptist or Prosthetics
  102. Osteopath
  103. Other Spatial Scientist
  104. Otorhinolaryngology’s
  105. Pediatric Surgeon
  106. Pediatrician
  107. Painting Trades Worker
  108. Panel beater
  109. Pathologist
  110. Physiotherapist
  111. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon
  112. Plumber (General)
  113. Podiatrist
  114. Pressure Welder
  115. Primary Health Organization Manager
  116. Production or Plant Engineer
  117. Psychiatrist
  118. Psychologists nec
  119. Quantity Surveyor
  120. Radiation Oncologist
  121. Radio communications Technician
  122. Registered Nurse (Aged Care)
  123. Registered Nurse (Child and Family Health)
  124. Registered Nurse (Community Health)
  125. Registered Nurse (Critical Care and Emergency)
  126. Registered Nurse (Developmental Disability)
  127. Registered Nurse (Disability and Rehabilitation)
  128. Registered Nurse (Medical Practice)
  129. Registered Nurse (Medical)
  130. Registered Nurse (Mental Health)
  131. Registered Nurse (Pediatrics)
  132. Registered Nurse (Perioperative)
  133. Registered Nurse (Surgical)
  134. Registered Nurses nec
  135. Renal Medicine Specialist
  136. Rheumatologist
  137. Roof Plumber
  138. Secondary School Teacher
  139. Sheet metal Trades Worker
  140. Shipwright
  141. Small Engine Mechanic
  142. Social Worker
  143. Software Engineer
  144. Solicitor
  145. Solid Plasterer
  146. Sonographer
  147. Special Education Teachers nec
  148. Special Needs Teacher
  149. Specialist Physician (General Medicine)
  150. Specialist Physicians nec
  151. Speech Pathologist
  152. Stonemason
  153. Structural Engineer
  154. Surgeon (General)
  155. Surveyor
  156. Systems Analyst
  157. Taxation Accountant
  158. Teacher of the Hearing Impaired
  159. Teacher of the Sight Impaired
  160. Technical Cable Jointer
  161. Telecommunications Engineer
  162. Telecommunications Field Engineer
  163. Telecommunications Network Engineer
  164. Telecommunications Network Planner
  165. Telecommunications Technical Officer or Technologist
  166. Thoracic Medicine Specialist
  167. Transport Engineer
  168. Urologist
  169. Valuer
  170. Vascular Surgeon
  171. Veterinarian
  172. Wall and Floor Tiler
  173. Welder (First Class)
  174. Welfare Center Manager

Please Note: There are two application streams are available by Australian immigration for subclass 189 visa;

first is for New Zealand citizens which is called New Zealand stream and Second is for Non New Zealand citizens which is called point based stream. So, all applicants are requested not to be confused with these two streams and don’t think that you cannot apply 189 visa. The following links are available for non New Zealand citizens.

Useful Links for Australia immigration

Check eligibility for Australian immigration:

Apply Australian Visa Online:

Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189) (Points-tested) stream Overview:

Combined current list of eligible skilled occupations:



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  1. Shoaib Azam says:


  2. Zain ul awan says:

    Panel beater

  3. Ahmad says:

    I have aircondin six experience ii uae company

  4. Zulfqar says:


  5. Minhas Bashir says:

    Im a welder stick and General fitter

  6. SHAH Muhammad says:

    I’m Electrician 6 years experience

  7. Md Sujon says:

    iam appy visa from Australia
    Australia work visa

  8. Umair ijaz says:

    I’m from Pakistan. I’m 27 years old . I want to go Australia can you helping me
    I’m piping fabricator
    I have 5 years experience
    I knowing very well fabrication .

  9. Umair Tahir says:

    Electronic instruments trade worker

  10. Navdeep Singh says:

    Agriculture , dairy farm good experience in 5 year

  11. ADIL SHAIKH says:

    What about banking jobs ? How to apply for job in Australian banks ?

  12. Mangal Datta says:

    Hours Drive

  13. Vishal says:

    All rounder helper

  14. Vishal says:

    Working job all job

  15. Naresh kal says:

    I want to apply for this job

  16. Navdeep singh says:

    I am heavy truck driver, i have uae and indian license

  17. abul ali says:

    I got sponcer of uk by my sister.i traveled Singapore, china ,Saudi Arabia, thailand and Malaysia and 3 social pass of Malaysia.i tried 3 time for schengon country but my application rejected.please guide me how to apply this visa now and how many chance to get visa.plz help me as soon as possible.

  18. Harmanpreet singh says:

    I’m pharmacist medical line and i’m apply visa in australia

  19. madan Lal says:

    All-rounder helper

  20. H.M Sajjad says:

    hello Sir ,
    i,m from pakistan and i,m a student bachelor of social work remain two years wat can i do

  21. karim mallick says:

    loner jop

  22. karim mallick says:

    lober jop

  23. karim mallick says:

    I.m India .working job all gob

  24. Irshad ali says:

    I need to any job please contect me its my no 9199580873

  25. Muhammad Naeem Ashraf says:

    hi ADMIN
    I am Muhammad Naeem Ashraf
    now I am working as a chef in Pakistani Hotel, at Saudi Arabia……so I want to move in Australia. question is please tell me about the requirements like any CERTIFICATE or diploma required for this profession?
    I have pass my Becholar degree also. please help me if you can

  26. Jamaludheen kk says:

    hi sir iam looking for cellphone technician job

  27. Musraul hoque says:

    IAM musraul hoque form India work bakholodar operator

  28. babar zaman says:

    i am babar zaman from pk
    i am working on lenovo & dell technical sevices . i have sixteen year experance.

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