Japan to Easy Work Permit Requirements for Overseas Workers who want to Work in Japan.

Japan to Easy Work Permit Requirements for Overseas Workers who want to Work in Japan.

Japan Government has decided to ease requirements for foreign workers who want to work in Japan as country is suffering from serious shortage of unskilled labor to work in five key fields: –

  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Lodging
  • Nursing care
  • Shipbuilding

According to the estimate by the Japanese new government it’s working age population between 15 and 65 years will be shrinking by about 15 million before 2040. So, Japan Government is making new policy to attract more and more foreign workers to Japan as country’s labor shortage has become a biggest challenge for Japanese government.

Japan is going to introduce a new 5 years work permit system and easing the Japanese language requirements for work visas. This will be a significant change in Japan Immigration laws as currently Japan issues work permits mostly to skilled, highly qualified and degree holders.

Five industries agriculture, construction, lodging, nursing care and shipbuilding are currently facing a serious shortage of unskilled labor and worker. By introducing new work permit and changes, Japan is expecting to get more manpower from all over the world to fulfill deficiency of labor in these sectors. Japan had already got 1.27 million foreign workers last year according to the Japan health ministry.

As far as Japanese language is concerned, overseas workers should be able to understanding slow conversations in principle. However, For Agriculture and construction fields, people will be eligible for work permit even without having known Japanese language skills. The government will take measure to give training to work permit holders with the help of industry bodies. Construction industry needs 780000 to 930000 workers by 2025. Japan wants to obtain 300000 workers by introducing this new program to work in this field.

In Agriculture field, there is a shortfall of 46000 to 103000 by 2023 and governments is trying to bring 26000 to 83000 foreigners to work as farm workers through this program.

By the end to 2025, Japan government want to attract 550000 caregivers as demand in this sector for elderly care keep on growing. So Japan is taking more measures to bring more hands by introducing new programs and increasing salary because there are not enough domestic people to fill this gap.

The new system of work visa will be applicable to five most important fields construction, agriculture, nursing care, shipbuilding. Candidates will be need to have occupational and Japanese language skill test specified for type of work by industry bodies.

Overseas workers Under Current Technical Intern Training Program are allowed to stay up to five years. those who have completed their training program from testing will be exempted from new system of qualification.

The draft guidelines, called the Basic Policy on Economic and Fiscal Management and Reform, will create a new system or class of work permits for five years. This program and policies will be finalized by the end of June and we will share more details and application process. So, keep in touch with our blog to get updates regarding visa and immigration worldwide.


  1. Ian Fritz Samsonsays:

    Hi admin,I’m Ian from Philippines. I’m so happy the agriculture is in the list,I’m in Agriculture for more than 6yrs..my main concern is the age limit,I’m 40 yrs old,is there any age limit ?ty and God bless?

  2. hi sir,am an electronics technician by trade with qualifications,is always be my dream to work in Japan,please what can i do,from South Africa

  3. hi admin.am bob from south africa,am a electronics technician,and i want to live and work in Japan,pls what can i do also,thanks

    1. Hi Dear,
      You have to find a job offer from Japanese employer/company in order to apply work visa. this is the first and foremost requirement for a work visa.
      Thank you

      1. Hi Admin do you know they will hire from South America people too? I live in South America Or just certain countries? Thanks!

        1. Hi,
          According to latest information revealed Workers are set to include those from China, Indonesia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam.

          1. Ok….thanks admin, disappointed cause my dream always been in Japan and I thought this could be a great chance to be there and work to support my family better. Anyways if you know any changes let me know I’m grateful the info you provided me. God bless Admin

          2. hi, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get work permit of Japan, if you find job offer from Japan, you are still eligible to apply normal work visa through the existing procedure…

          3. I can’t reply your below comment, things is I’m unskilled worker I don’t have any degree or college, I barely speak English, my life it’s been working in construction and cleaning buildings to support my family, I don’t have time to going to study I earn $280 dollars every month. That’s why I thought with this news I can give my family a better life. Like everyone in this comment section is seeking an opportunity in japan they like the country and they want earn more money. Thanks anyways for reply my messages, God bless you!

          1. Colombians have visa free entry to many developed countries including Europe… and Germany is accepting more workers these days.. you should try to find job there…

          2. I’m not refugee and with no family (wife and kids) I went already these embassies, also right now they’re accepting Venezuelan with families for the economic crisis in Venezuela, right now Colombia have more of 5 millions of Venezuelan. It’s ok anyways I will be in tune here and when is time comes I will going to Japan embassy who knows they will accepting me. Doesn’t hurt to try. Thanks for you’re trying to help me, I appreciate it.

          3. ok if you want to discuss anything any time with me.. you can contact through contact us tab…thank you

  4. Asslam o alaikum sir my name is Imran M Riaz From Pakistan my qualification 10+ My age 30 i am still struggling boy and good person plz give me a one chance job i love Japan and Japan people Contact me +923113477886 I want to a work permit visa in Japan. Please held me how to procece.

  5. Taj mohammad Tajmohammadsays:

    my name is taj mohammad i am a pakistani now live in saudi arabia .i have pass 12th from pakistan. i am a singer sewing machaine operater. i have work in many company . i am also a corpenter of shetring i am jobless want to migrate to japan .i can speak urdu arbic and english.

      1. Hi I’m Fromm Colombia I’m interested to going to Japan and help my family I have experience in agriculture and construction filed where to apply? Thanks for you help!

  6. Do they want harvested workers, require qualifications for that?
    I’m waiting for the information sharing concern application form…
    Ur response LL be highly appreciated!

  7. Hi I am interested to apply japanies construction work permit I have an experiences in building construction and I have 3 years diploma kindly update me how to apply japan work permit

    1. Application process will be shared soon after Japanese Immigration’s announcement for this specific work permit, stay connected

  8. My name is ahmad raza from pakistan
    I wish that i am going to japan for work or study inshallah please give me a chance for going to japan ….

  9. I am Amit Kumar from India, I am interested in your job opportunity, I am ready to start, plz give me one chance, I want to work with Japanese people, I love Japan and Japanese people. Japanese are very hardworking peoples. Thanks

  10. Muhammad Awaissays:

    Asslam o alaikum sir my name is M.Awais my qualification Dae Electrical i am still struggling boy and good person plz give me a one chance job i love japan and japan people

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