Golden Chance to Work In UK with Seasonal Farm Workers Visa.

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Golden opportunity to Work in UK for Non-European Countries Citizens with Seasonal Farm Workers Visa. UK Government has decided to give farm workers visas to Non-European Citizens. It could be the great opportunity to work abroad by seasonal jobs in UK. A serious shortage of labour to work in fruit picking fields, farming and other food production sectors is being faced by after UK Brexit from European Union. Earlier this month, UK home office has announced that employers, farmers now would be able to recruit workers to work as farm workers and fruit pickers etc. Formerly UK farmers were relying on workers coming from European countries but now they need workers from non-European countries due to UK Brexit.

According to the new announcement, this pilot scheme for seasonal work visa will start from spring 2019 till the end of 2020. 2500 visas will be given every year. The National Farmers Union says that is the major victory that UK government has finally decided and taken this step. The National Farmers Union is demanding more than 10,000 workers but UK immigration said that this scheme will run for two years on trial bases. Foreign workers will receive 6 months’ temporary work visas. UK home office, environment, food and rural department will monitor how well this scheme will work and its results. They are afraid that workers will overstay in the country after finishing their visas and won’t go back to their home country, so they want to observe the results. After two years’ trial period, the annual number of imported workers and duration of farm workers visa may be increased but currently only 2500 applicants will have chance to workabroad in UK.

In fact, UK government is very serious about this program because UK’s food sectors have sale of more than 70 billion pounds. And farmers are now facing huge shortage of labor especially in the harvesting season. There is a large number of available seasonal jobs which are lying vacant. They complained that a large quantity of fruit got rotten due to lack of workers to pick fruit. So more UK work visas should be given.

This scheme is specifically started for non-European countries. Citizen of European countries won’t be able to apply these visas. So, people from Asian, African and other countries can apply in this scheme. As mentioned above, this type of UK work permit system will be launched in coming march and details of application process will be revealed near March 2019. However, as this scheme is for employers help, so employers will be able to recruit and hire workers from any country. It means you have to contact employers/farmers/farming companies to find a job and job offer for you. It will be first and foremost requirement of this work visa. Normally, there is not a special requirement of education/ training/ experience to work in these sectors but still you should be able to speak Basic level English to communicate with employer.

پاکستانی ان ممالک میں بغیر ویزا جا سکتے ہیں 2019 کی لسٹ آگئ

How to Find Job Offer for UK Work Visa:

There are many ways to find job offer for UK work visa. By visiting UK on visitor visa you can find a job offer. Your friends and relatives can also help you to find job offer if you can’t visit UK. Many agents and visa consultants are there who provide such services and help you in arranging job offer for work visa. However, it may cost you very heavy.

You can try finding job online through free online recruitment agencies and Top rated UK job search websites. This method may take longer time than that of others but still it is free method and there is no risk of fraud or being cheated. UK government is also running a job search portal where you can find government jobs as well as private jobs too. This is the most preferred way. All you need to visit website and find a job which match to your qualification and suitable for you and then find the contact details of employer. Once you find his contact details, simply send you CV/Resume to employer or company through email. Indeed job search website is also highly trusted online job search website where you can get a suitable universal job match for you. Whatever qualification you have, finding jobmatch is not problem. Here is the list of

Top rated job search websites.

UK Government Jobs search website: Get a job

Top privet jobs search site:             Indeed Jobs 

Monster Jobs search site  :             Monster Jobs

CV Library jobs search site:           CV Library

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    I don’t knw if you guys are quite or maybe the comments chat doesn’t get through my phone… Tebogo Matthew from RSA

  2. after a long time i have found this site which is very informative, comprehensive and RESPONSIVE. You are doing a great job. I have seen your responses and replies to the visitors and noted your manners are very polite and humble. Keep it up and update this site on daily basis and user friendly.
    GOD Bless you.

  3. Any idea when we can expect new news from the UK Government? Feels like it’s taking forever. Would love if they could just give us all an update on how far proceedings are. Thanks

  4. Dear admin I’ve been following up n subscribed since from September on this visa immigration news because I don’t wanna miss this opportunity , now here is a question”is there a charge on the visa application” I mean when u launch the application and here in South Africa can I apply as well for that visa application , because i really need this opportunity…Thanks Matthew/Tebogo in Johannesburg RSA

    1. Hi,
      Glad to Know that You are with us since long time… look friend , first of all we have to wait for and to announce the name of shortlisted countries from where they will recruit workers under this new scheme… hope that S.Africa will also be included.. however, we will share every update..
      Thank you

  5. @Admin, do you maybe have another email-address where one can contact you? Your current one doesn’t seem to be working as my emails are not going through.

    Appreciate your website, thanks.

  6. Shahnawaz akramsays:

    Hi my self shahnawaz akram From Bangalore india.
    I would like to join in ur organization please let me know about this seasonal visa process.
    Thank you sir

    1. Hi brother,,, we are not Uk based company… i am an individual providing information about visa and immigration free of cost… thank you

  7. HELLO sir my name is shah faisal. I belong to Pakistan.I want a hotel waiter job.I should be very grateful for this act of kindness. So kindly give me free visa.
    Thank you

  8. muhammad shakeelsays:

    Dear Sir,

    I belongs to Pakistan and working in Dubai, UAE.

    I am interested for Seasonal Farm Workers Visa. Uk.

    please update me.

    Thank you

  9. Hi sir I live in qualifications is matric my age is currently work is as a salesman wholesale Medicine market. My job experience is 8years.kindly sir u abblouse me.

  10. i have uk nin and bank account have wo years work experince of uk
    wish o find agin work sesionaly and looking support for this purpose

  11. I’m intrusted job farm workers visa already I’m farm work all farm work hadeel me job pales pales 03494854846

  12. I’m intrusted job farm workers visa seasonal farm workers visa Pakistan I’m alredy kam uk farm work me farm work all farm work hadeel me job pales 03494854846

  13. Takawira Tizirayisays:

    Hie admin. My name is Takawira Tizirayi from Zimbabwe, I would like to keep updated on this special visa. It would be a great honour to play a part in the growth of the UK agricultural sector. If it’s possible may you help me with more info of a couple of farm names that are looking for employees

  14. Hello sir i am Haroon My age 20 year old. i am already live in dubai plzz contact me.My wish for working in uk. plzz i need visa.. bye t c and god bless u.

      1. Hello my name is Ashley Shafeeq I’m doing high school in fine arts and 8 months food diploma and computer short course 4 months and I want visa for job


      Respected Sir,
      I (ANIL KUMAR GAUTAM) very thank full to you for giving the important information regarding U.K. SEASONAL WORK VISA. I want to try for the same since long time.
      Sir I am 45 years old , Education – B.Com for University of Delhi, I have More then 22 years Experience in Material Management/Inventory/Procurement/Purchase/ Warehouse/ Supply Chain work at India & Nigeria.
      Sir, i can change my work filed instead of above said work filed. I can do work as a farm worker.
      I request you to, Please give me the complete information like how to get visa & how to search the job & how i can find the employer who need the manpower for his farm (organisation).
      Thanks n Regards.

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