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Serbia Visa From Pakistan: Serbia Visa Requirements and Application Process.

Generally, Embassy of Serbia issues visit visa for  a maximum duration of 90 days or less. Visit visa is known as Short Stay visa. Short stay visa is available for various purposes like tourism, private visit and business visit etc. Information regarding Serbia short stay visa for Private visit/tourism and business is available in this post.

Serbia Visa Free Entry:

According to Serbian Immigration laws, all foreigners holding valid visa of any Schengen country, any EU member country, USA or UK , can enter Serbia without visa and stay up to 90 days. See All Visa Free Countries For Pakistan.

Serbia visa requirements for Pakistan:

  • Valid Passport.
  • Recent Passport Size Photo.
  • Duly filled and signed visa application. Click to download visa application form.
  • Travel Health Insurance for whole duration of intended stay in Serbia. The coverage of Travel health insurance is minimum 20,000 Euro but it does not mean that you have to  pay 20 thousand euro to any body, you can buy 20 thousand euro insurance in 3 to 4 thousand Pakistani rupee from authorized companies. See list of Authorized insurance companies.
  • Bank Statement as a Proof of availability of sufficient funds for trip. You have to show that you have 50 Euro per day for each day of intended stay in Serbia. It means if you want apply visa for 10 days, you should have minimum 500 euro. Bank statement can be in Pakistani rupee.
  • Round trip flight reservation.
  • Consent letter from parents is required, only if applicant is minor and travelling without both parents. (if consent letter is applicable, it should be attested from Pakistan’s ministry of foreign affairs.)
  • Invitation Letter: Invitation letter is mandatory for Serbia visa. If you want to apply tourist visa or private visit visa, you have to obtain invitation letter from a Serbian resident/citizen. Invitation letter should be attested by a court or local municipality office of Serbia. According to Serbian Immigration, you can apply tourist visa if you have a paid voucher obtained from any authorized Serbian Travel agency/hotel, but Serbian Embassy in Iran demands for invitation letter even for tourist visa. So, it is better to contact Serbian embassy in Iran and ask if you they are willing to accept visa application without invitation letter. However, invitation letter is also not an impossible thing to get, you can buy an invitation letter online from travel agencies.
  • If you want to apply Serbia business visa, you have to obtain invitation letter along with guarantee letter from a Serbian company/institution/sports club/event organizer, etc. with an accompanying List of invitees (surname, name, passport number and date of issue).

How to apply Serbia visa from Pakistan:

There is no embassy of Serbia in Pakistan, so citizens of Pakistan cannot apply visa in Pakistan. However, Serbian Embassy in Iran accepts Serbia Visa applications from Pakistanis but you do not need to visit Iran to apply Serbia visa rather you can send your visa application via email to Serbian Embassy along with scanned copies of above listed required documents.

Email Address of Serbia Embassy in Iran:

[email protected]

Although we have obtained all above details from Serbian Embassy located in Iran yet we still advise you to contact Serbian embassy via email. Embassy of Serbia will send list of required documents, visa guidelines and visa application form to you through email.

You do not need to visit embassy in person to submit your visa application. You have to arrange all required documents and scan them so that you may send them to embassy through email. Embassy take two or three weeks to make a decision on your visa application. If your application is approved, embassy will contact you to visit embassy of Serbia in Iran in person with your passport to collect your visa.

Visa Fee:

There is no Serbia visa fee for Pakistani citizens. However, you have to pay 2 USD in cash when you collect your visa as passport endorsement fee.

Click to Visit Website of Embassy of Serbia in Iran