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No More Future in Italy for Asylum Seekers and Refugees.

Italy to Deport 500,000 Asylum Seekers

Italy was a popular country among migrants who want apply asylum in Europe. But it looks it would become a worst place for asylum seekers in very near future. Because Italy’s Rightwing Government making very strict policies against asylum seekers. Italian Government has set an aim to send 500,000 asylum seekers to their home country. Think Tanks say that due to this plan nearly 670,000 asylum seekers will lose their legal status in the country and might be irregular, overstay in other words.

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Because of anti-asylum seekers policies proposed by Italian Interior minister Matteo Salvini, 24,800 asylum cases have been rejected only in last four months which is record number so far. It is 25 percent higher than former four months.

Data revealed by Institute for International Political Studies, more than 7000 asylum seekers have been refused “Humanitarian Protection” since October. Only 150 cases have been approved in January 2019 which is very low rate as compare to January 2018. This is because of Decree of Matteo Salvini which suspended the cases of asylum seekers who were in Italy with a status based on “Socially Dangerous”. Furthermore, it removes the right of failed asylum seekers to live in Italy who are already living in Italy just because they cannot go back to home country due to risk of life.

This anti asylum seekers policy will increase the number of immigrants with no legal status in the country.  on the other hand, number of migrants coming have already decreased up to 80 % as compare to past. According to International Organization of Migration, 23,126 people arrived in Italy in 2018 which is very low with a comparison to 118,914 arrived in 2017.

Currently Italian Government is taking approximately 19 months to respond asylum case of individuals. As data released, Majority of cases rejected in current moths belong to asylum seekers who reached Italy in 2017.

Italy has a clear plan about 500,000 asylum seekers to send them back to their home country in near future and it is already sending 50 per months. Analysts say it will take a century to send all asylum seekers back to their home country. However, this behavior will snatch the legal status of asylum seekers which creates problems both for immigrants and Italian government.