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VETASSESS Apply Online for Skill Assessment.

VETASSESS: Vocational Education and Training Assessing Services. VETASSESS is a skill assessing authority of Australia which is helping foreigners who wish to immigrate to Australia as a permanent resident. It provides biggest skill assessment services for foreigners abroad and inside Australia. VETASSESS covers over three hundred general professions for skill assessment. If you want to apply permanent residency of Australia whether from inside or outside Australia, you have to get your skills and qualifications assessed by one of skill assessment authority specified by Australian Immigration.

Migration Skill Assessment is required when a qualification or applicant’s country is not covered by Trade Recognition Australia which is known as TRA too. Skill assessment is done actually to compare skills, qualifications and employment history of applicant with Australian standard. It helps Australian Immigration to understand whether a person have enough qualification for an occupation and immigration program.

As said above VETASSESS offer assessment services around 300 occupations which are listed under (SOL) skill occupation list and also (CSOL) consolidated sponsored occupation list. VETASSESS provides written opinion after assessing qualification of applicant, which is further required to apply Australian Immigration. Without getting your skilled assessed by Assessment Authority, you will not be eligible to apply for Australian permanent residency program.

VETASSESS Consider Factors:

VETASSESS actually assess the skill for a nominated occupation based on post-secondary education under general migration program. Generally, VETASSESS considers following factors to assess skills and qualifications of an applicant.

  • The education system of country of education
  • The awarding institution
  • The length, level and structure of study program which is under assessment.

Opinion of staff of VETASSESS is based on documents and evidence submitted by the applicant. They take into account all submitted documents and then conduct research before releasing a final opinion. VETASSESS will provide you with a written opinion. If you do not agree with their opinion you can request for reassessment. You have to pay additional fee for reassessment of your skill and fee is non-refundable. VETASSESS opinion doesn’t mean that you are suitable a job or profession, it just provides comparison of your education with than that of Australian.

In case you are not agree with opinion of first skill assessment, you can apply for reassessment within 90 days of your initial skill assessment done by VETASSESS. Once you get reassessment and you are still not agreed with reassessment, you can appeal again with 28 days after reassessment by paying the fee.

VETASSESS of provide skill assessment if you are inside Australia for the following categories:

  • Trade Recognition service (TRA)
  • Early Childhood Teachers
  • National Skill Recognition (RPL)
  • Complementary Health Therapies Assessment
  • Psychotherapy and Counselling Qualifications Assessment

VETASSESS Skill Assessment for Migration:

If you want to migrate to Australia through Australian point based immigration stream like Skilled independent visa subclass 189, employer sponsored migration stream, gradate migrant and temporary graduate visa, you have to apply VETASSESS skill assessment first before you apply for Australian immigration. You can apply online for skill assessment but you have to check first whether your occupation is listed “General Professional Occupations” or Traded Occupations.

Check Your Occupation:

Regardless your profession category, VETASSESS provides you a quick service to check whether your occupation is covered by VETASSESS or not. Simply click VETASSESS . Once you have opened this link, you will find list of General Professional occupations and traded occupations which are covered by VETASSESS. At the bottom of the page, you will an option to check your occupation if VETASSESS is covering it and you can know its category.

VETASSESS Occupation Categories:

VETASSESS has divided general occupations into four categories of occupations, Group A, B, C & D.

Group A or B is equal to ANZSCO Skill Level Skill Level 1 Australian Bachelor degree or Master degree or Doctoral degree.

Group C or D is equal to ANZSCO Skill Level 2 Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) Associate Degree or AQF Advanced Diploma or AQF Diploma.

Group E is equal to ANZSCO Skill Level 3 AQF Certificate III (with additional years of employment) or AQF Certificate IV.

How To Apply for Assessment at VETASSESS:

You can apply for skill assessment at VETASSESS online and also by post. When you have made sure your occupation category and it is covered by VETASSESS, you can apply online but make sure you have have all required educational documents for nominated occupation. You should have your valid passport. Educational certificate which you want get assessed by VETASSESS. Transcripts of results. You have to pay fee for VETASSESS assessmet. you can read how to apply and what is assessment fee, at VETASSESS website.

Generally it takes six weeks to assess the qualifications if required documents are complete. Processing time depends on country of applicant and education too. Education obtained from countries like Pakistan and China may take longer time to completely assessed by VETASSESS.

You should submit your experience too and also if there is any document which is not english, it should be translated by an authorized translator. Both the original and translation need to be submitted to VETASESS. Please keep in mind, you do not need to send original documents. You should have scanned your educational documents and then upload to VETASSESS while applying for assessment online.

Let suppose, you have more degrees, it doesn’t mean that you have to upload all degrees. You need to submit only which is required for the occupation in which you want to apply Australian immigration or permanent residency. Furthermore it is not required to get documents attested by ministry of foreign affairs.

VETASSESS Document Checking Service:

You can use VETASSESS documents checking service which is very helpful for assessment and immigration. All you have visit VETASSESS Document Checking Service  and create an account. Once account is created and you have provided your contact details, you have to upload your documents. After this, you have too book an appointment and choose suitable time for you when you can talk to VETASSESS staff. Then pay online fee which is 110 Australian Dollars. And confirm your booking with VETASSESS. At the time you selected during appointment, you will be able to get advice and guidance from VETASSESS staff. They will give you overall summery about your skill assessment and advice, you can download it and it will be very helpful for you in VETASSESS skill assessment preparation.