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Dubai opens visit visa more countries.

GDRFA Dubai has started issuance of visit visas for almost all nationalities with some exceptions, Khaleej Times reported. Amer center has confirmed that all foreigners can now get Dubai visit visa with a duration up to 30 days or 90 days. Dubai Visit visas can be obtained through travel agencies, UAE based airlines and other sponsors like hotels  or relatives in Dubai.

Dubai visa services in Pakistan are still closed, we confirmed it by contacting Emirates airline and AEG visa services in Pakistan. It is expected  that Pakistanis would be able to get UAE or Dubai visit visa with in a few days after EID holidays as told by AEG visa services.

It is worth mentioning that you do not need any approval from ICA or GDRFA Dubai with newly obtained visit visa. The new visa will be enough for you to travel, however, other travel essentials like PCR test, travel health insurance (generally purchased with visa, talk to visa service provider) etc are still mandatory, depending on country of origin.

No announcement has been made regarding cancelled before travel visit visas. Such visa holders have an option to get new visas if visa service is resumed .