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Barbados welcome stamp visa scheme

Barbados welcome stamp visa scheme allows foreign nationals to live 12 months in Barbados and work remotely. This seems to be a copy of newly launched digital nomad visa of Estonia.  Welcome stamp visa is now open for application, Anyone working online remotely for a company, as a freelancer or running own business online, can avail this opportunity. Welcome stamp visa is a multiple entry visa, visa holders can enter and exit Barbados as many times as needed. [read also: Digital Nomad visa of Estonia]

The Visa application can be submitted online at the following link:

Visa applicants can include their family members in their visa application. Once application is approved and visa is granted through email, the visa holders can travel to Barbados. A visa fee will be charged once travelers reach Barbados first time. For a single applicant, the visa fee is 2000$ whereas 3000$ will be charged for whole family when family is included in visa application.

Welcome stamp visa is granted for 12 months and it will be allowed to apply again for the same visa to extend stay in Barbados. The visa does not permit anyone to take up an employment or hire a local worker for business.

The most important condition for this visa, applicant should provide proof that he has 50,000 $ to bear his expenses for next 12 months, or he has enough means of income in this regard.

This visa won’t be a good option for job seekers instead it is suitable for travelers who wish to discover the beauty of different countries across the world.