Croatia Work Permit 2020.

The Labor Ministry of Croatia has already announced an increased work permit quota for 2020. According Reuters news agency, Croatia would issue 78470 work permits in 2020. This quota is specified purely for non-EU countries’ citizens; citizens of EU countries are not included in this quota. Croatia is an emerging economy in European union and it could be a better choice for citizen of third world countries like Pakistan, India and Bangladesh etc.

Distribution of New Quota:

Depending on labor needs of different sectors, the quota of Croatia work permit would be distributed in the following sectors:

Sector Number of Visas
Construction 33300
Tourism & Hospitality 18370
Transport 2904
Metal Industry 2300
Food Industry 1410
Agriculture and Forestry 1380
Seasonal Visas in Tourism 12000
Seasonal Visas in Agriculture 770
  • Construction sector can recruit up to 33,300 foreign workers.
  • Tourism and Hospitality sectors can use quota up to 18,370.
  • Transport sector can use 2904 quotas.
  • 2300 visas would be issued in metal industry.
  • Food industry can hire 1410 foreign workers.
  • Agriculture and forestry industries can recruit 1380 workers from abroad.
  • 12000 visas would be issued for seasonal visas in tourism sector.
  • 770 quotas are allotted to agriculture industry for seasonal work.
  • Additionally, 25000 previously issued work permit would be extended in 2020.

Major Requirement of Work Permit:

Same as other countries, the major requirement of Croatia work visa is a job offer and job contract from a Croatian employer.

Jobs in Croatia:

Whether you want seasonal or no non-seasonal work visa, your fist step should be to find a job. There should be a Croatian employer willing to hire you for a job. Once you have found an employer who is ready to sponsor you, he will send a job offer and job contract for you in order to apply work visa. This is first and foremost requirement of a work visa.

How to Find Job in Croatia?

There are two ways to find jobs in Croatia:

  1. Visit Croatia on short stay visit visa and search for a job. Once you find a job, you can apply for work visa in Croatia without leaving the country.
  2. There are many job search websites in Croatia where you can find jobs while staying at home. You do not need to visit Croatia for job search.

Best Job Search Website in Croatia:

There are  some top ranked website where you can find jobs in Croatia. Most of these sites are in English but you have an option to change language and you can use Chrome translation extension as well.

2-International Job Search Websites for Croatia,7_IN110.htm?countryRedirect=true

Find Croatian Embassy for Visa Application:

Click the following link and then choose your country of residence. The system will let you know where you should apply Croatia visa.

Croatia Work Visa Documents:

According to the annual quota limit program (Official Gazette 122/17) of Republic of Croatia, you need the following documents to apply Croatia work visa:

  • Job offer from employer.
  • Job contract from employer
  • Documents of Qualifications
  • Proof of language proficiency either English or Croatian (optional).
  • recent photograph
  • valid health insurance
  • Valid passport
  • proof of funds for your initial days in Croatia. It can be a bank statement.
  • Other supporting documents from employer.

Do You need Ielts?

No, You do not need ielts for Croatia work permit. Croatia is not an English speaking country, however, Employer may require you to have knowledge of basic English.

Croatian Language:

As said above, Croatia is not an English speaking country. Croatian is widely spoken there, so you need to learn Croatian at least basic level to find a job in Croatia.

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