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Azerbaijan Multiple Entries E Visa Through ASAN Visa system.

The Government of Azerbaijan has announced to start e visa with multiple entries. The new multiple entry visa will be issued for up to 180 days. Visa holder will be able to enter and exit Azerbaijan unlimited times with new multiple entry e visa. This visa will be issued through existing ASAN visa System. Multiple entry e visa will allow visitors to leave Azerbaijan and re-visit without need of a new visa. E visa is applied and obtained online without need of going to embassy.

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ASAN  E visa system is currently issuing only 30 days single entry e visa which allows visitors to enter and exit country only once. If they want to visit Azerbaijan again, they have to apply online again for a new e visa. Currently e visa is issued for up to 30 days with maximum validity of 90 days. It means visitor have to use this e visa within 90 days, otherwise it will be expired. Visitors from 94 countries are eligible to apply Azerbaijan e visa. To apply e visa online, user have to visit Azerbaijan E visa Portal; only a valid passport, an address where to live during visit (it can be address of any hotel in Azerbaijan) and a credit card to pay 24 USD visa fee, are required. Visa application process is very simple. Usually e visa is granted within 3 days and applicant is informed via email to take print of visa and done. User can travel with printed visa without need of visiting embassy or having visa stamped or pasted on passport.

With single entry 30 days visa, if a visitor leaves Azerbaijan even after 1 day or 1 week or any period less than 30 days, his visa will be expired which means he cannot re-enter Azerbaijan with existing e visa. He must needs to get a new e visa or any other visa. This rule is same for all other countries. Single entry visa allows to enter any country only once. Whereas multiple entry visa is great facility which allows visitor to visit a foreign country as many times as he wants within the specified visa duration and visa validity.

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“New multiple entry visas will be issued for 180 days. During this period, a tourist can visit the country several times. Currently, technical work is underway,” said Fariz Jafarov, who leads Azerbaijan’s E-government Development Center, according to reports by Oxu.Az.

According to Azerbaijani government, they are working to launch new multiple entry e visa system and it is expected to be available very soon. If you want to know about existing E Visa of Azerbaijan, You can watch the following Video.