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PTI Tiger Force Registration 2023 is Open Now – Imran Khan’s Appeal to Youth

PTI tiger force registration 2023 is open and the PTI Chairman Imran Khan has recently appealed to workers, including youth and women for immediate registration in the Tiger Force. According to recent reports, PTI Chairman Imran Khan launched the Tiger Force website and motivated the youth to join the Tiger Force for a better cause. Imran Khan delivered an important message while addressing to the youth and said today I want you to join my Tiger Force, today Pakistan needs you the most at the turning point. The former Prime Minister said that the government of our country was imposed through foreign intervention. The criminals who have been sucking the blood of the country for 30 years were given power again, two families bowed down and enslaved the foreign powers, that is why they are against Pakistan. They are working in the country because of their hidden agendas.

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Imran Khan’s Point of View:

Imran Khan said that our justice system is destroyed, including major institutions like NAB and FIA, they gave themselves NRO for theft of Rs 1100 billion, and buried cases worth Rs 16 billion in FIA. While criticizing the present government, he said that now they are making such an environment to avoid the courts and hearings, a clean and transparent election will not be allowed by them, elections in 20 constituencies of Punjab are already rigged. About 9 FIR has been lodged against the PTI party leader. Chairman PTI said that Parliament is over and there is a mess in Punjab too. He made a person in the National Assembly an opposition leader who will contest elections on a PML-N ticket. The worst monstrosities have been imposed on the media through fascist tactics, FIRs against eminent anchors, media owners are being intimidated through calls, and people are being threatened. According to Imran Khan, they only want to impose themselves on the government by destroying the institutions of Pakistan, 60% of the cabinet is sitting on bail in corruption cases. There is no check and balance of any kind.

PTI Tiger Force:

Ex-Prime Minister said that PTI tiger force registration 2023 is open and youth should visit: to register themselves and be a part of the something that means a lot for a change in Pakistan, the youth should help us in the upcoming election process, the Tiger Force should aware the people from door to door, everyone has to participate in the Punjab by-elections. In the general elections, the mafia imposed by external forces has to be defeated. Once the registration process is completed, I will talk to the youth soon.

PTI Tiger Force Registration 2023:

The process to join the Tiger Force is very simple and easy. You just need to visit the official tiger force website:

PTI Tiger Force Registration Link:

Fill out the correct details asked on the form page. There are no further details about the force deployment dates but they will be updated soon. Please follow the above link and join Imran Khan via PTI tiger force registration 2023.

PTI Tiger Force Registration 2022

Source: the nation


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