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Good News: PTI Raabta App Registration 2022. Hurry Up !

PTI Raabta App Registration has been started as Asad Umar, the senior PTI official, announced a mobile app this Monday to expand political party growth. PTI chairman Imran Khan has also launched a membership campaign by adding a mobile application called “PTI Raabta App”. Today Imran Khan has 2.7 million followers in Pakistan. Luckily, technology plays an important role to help his followers reach a useful platform. This app can be used to keep up with all new PTI trends, events, surveys, and daily concerns. If you are among the people who want to know how the PTI Raabta app registration process works then you are in the right place. Follow these simple steps to install PTI Raabta App on your phone to register for this service.

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Steps to Follow for PTI Raabta App Registration:

The process for PTI Raabta app registration is very easy. The good news is that this App has already millions of users and the number is getting increased day by day. You will need to provide your CNIC number and other personal data to sign up. Keep in mind that you may encounter some technical issues while signing/logging in as the app is a beta version and still under development. Imran Khan himself said that all the issues regarding the app will be fixed gradually. Due to the heavy data load of traffic app status is busy sometimes.

1. To download the PTI Raabta app on your iPhone and Android go to your mobile app store. Type PTI Raabta in-app search bar.

PTI Raabta App Download Links:

PTI Raabta App For Android:

PTI Raabta App For Apple/iPhone:

PTI Raabta App Registration

2. Once you have installed the application. Click on register and select Local Pakistani if you are from Pakistan and Overseas Pakistani if you are a foreigner.

3. Now provide your National ID number for PTI Raabta app registration and tap on next.

4. Here it will ask you to provide some personal details. Please make sure that you enter all the details correctly. If you have selected the overseas Pakistani option, you will see other mobile networks than Pakistani local networks.

5. Once you have entered all the details. Tick the ”I have read and agree to all Terms and Conditions” and submit your form.

6. Now you can log in by typing your CNIC number and 8-digit password.

7. On logging in successfully you will be now asked to put in your address. Here you can select any address from the 3 options.

8. Now you have completed all the steps and you will see the main interface of the PTI Raabta App.


We hope this article was informative for you. This App is best for two-way communications. You can keep track of party members and officials. Through the PTI Raabta app registration process, you’ll be able to join the PTI team. Imran Khan, Shah Mehmood Qureshi, and Asad Umar are encouraging their supporters to register for the PTI App. Keep yourself updated on all the latest news on the politicians.

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