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Saudi Arabia New Deportation Law 2023

Saudi Arabia New Deportation Law 2023: Today we have an article for immigrants who are living in Saudi Arabia illegally or were deported because of Huroob. In last year’s report, people who were deported from Saudi were banned from entering again for a period of time. They have made some important changes to these rules and regulations. As a resident of Saudi Arabia, you should know these updates and information. What is the law if you have violated some rules unintentionally? Can I enter UAE again after being blacklisted? We will be going to discuss all the details and answers to these questions about Saudi Arabia’s new deportation law 2023.

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Saudi Arabia New Deportation Law 2023:

If we go back in the 3 to 4 years’ time, there was a deportation law where the deported immigrant was blacklisted for 3 years and was even blacklisted for 5 years. Later it was further changed to a lifetime ban for entering Saudi Arabia once you were deported in Huroob. Saudi Arabia’s new deportation law 2023 was introduced and severe changes have been made for immigrants who violate different laws. For example, if your Umrah Visa has expired, your Visit Visa has expired, your Iqama is expired or your get Huroob for the first time, you will be directly deported and banned from entering again for 3 years.

There are some specific restrictions for specific violations. For example, if you are running an illegal business, and for this violation, you are banned for a lifetime. Some other law violations like drug trafficking and murder may result in jail time and long court dates. In these cases after spending time in jail and being punished the immigrant is deported.

Can I Travel to Other Gulf Countries  After Being Blacklisted From Saudi Arabia?

Suppose that you can get a Visa again but unluckily you will be deported upon arrival in Saudi Arabia. If you are on the run they can arrest you and put you in jail. Most of the time your Visa is canceled. We hope this article on Saudi Arabia’s new deportation law 2023 was helpful and informative for you. Don’t forget to check other articles about Saudi Arabia on our website.


  1. after deporting from Saudi Arabia. can return back again to saudi arabia.please share the rules .one of my relative want to visit ksa and wishing to perform umra..he was deported 13 years back..

  2. Sir/madom
    I have been deported from Saudi on 2007 because of without iqama I was working so can I go to Saudi with new employee visa

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