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How to apply for a job in canada from overseas.

How to apply for a job in Canada from overseas?

If you want immigrate to Canada either through a work permit program or a permanent residence program, you need to find a job in Canada from overseas before you apply in any program. It means there must be a Canadian employer willing to give you a job. The employer will give you a job offer and a job contract. Once you get a job offer and Job contract, you can apply for a work permit or permanent residence of Canada depending on purpose of job offer. (in most cases, employers need to  send a LMIA along with job offer and contract in order to hire you )

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Finding a job from outside Canada seems to be very difficult and no doubt, it is really hard because of huge competition. Thousands of people are trying to find a job in Canada every single day, this makes it highly challenging for you to stand out from the crowd of international candidates. Despite the huge competition, it is still possible for you get job offer from a Canadian employer successfully. All you have to choose the right strategy. Simply creating an account on different job search websites and uploading resume is not a right way. I have explained a working strategy in this post, keep reading if you also want to apply for a job in Canada from overseas.

Can I get Job in Canada without IELTS?

To apply for a Job in Canada, you do not need ielts. However, if you are looking for a job offer to apply in permanent residence program, ielts is mandatory because almost all permanent residence programs of Canada require you have to have ielts. Based on your qualifications and connection with the employer, you may get job offer without ielts but later when you apply for permanent residence program, you have to have ielts.

In case of Canadian work permit, if your skills/occupation level is “D” which is actually a labor worker class, you may be able to get job offer and apply for work visa without ielts. However, you have to put extra efforts to find a job in occupation level “D”. Canadian employers are mostly not willing to give you job offer if you do not have ielts. For the occupations skill level 0, A, B, C, ielts is mandatory whether you are going to apply work permit under temporary foreign worker program or permanent residence.

How to Check Sill Level/Occupation Level:

Canadian immigration has classified skills in five skill/occupation levels, zero, A, B, C, D. This is called Canada’s NOC, the national occupational classification. To check your occupation level, you need to visit official website of Canadian immigration, You can enter your skill name there and system will show you code, skill level of your occupation. It will tells you duties and required qualification for your future job as well. It enables you to know every possible program where you can apply.

What is the qualification required to work in Canada?

The minimum qualification required to work in Canada depends on job position. Some job positions requires you to hold a degree and experience of certain years. While there are many places where you can apply for a job as a fresher.

In fact, it all depends on your occupation or skill level. If you are applying for job which falls in skill level D, you can apply for it as a fresher without any qualification. However, success rate without qualification or as a fresher is relatively low.

If you want to apply for a job which lies in skill level 0,A,B,C, you need to have qualification accordingly which are explained below:

if your occupation is 

Level D: You do not need any diploma or high qualification, you will have an on job training once you are in Canada. These jobs include fruit picker, cleaning staff etc. You can apply work visa without ielts.

Level C: These are semi skilled jobs, you may need high school qualification with some short training. This includes drivers, drink servers etc. Ielts is required for this class.

Level B: This is skilled class. You need a technical diploma for this level. for example: A diploma is valid for this class. These jobs include: chefs, plumbers etc. Ielts is required for this class.

Level A: This is high qualified professional jobs like doctors, dentist which require proper degree. Ielts is required for this class.

Level 0: Managerial level jobs like restaurant managers, hotel managers etc. This required high qualification in management fields.  Ielts is required for this class.

Method to apply a job  from outside Canada:

Now a days, finding a job online through job search websites is very common and everyone tries it. Although this method also works fine yet it is not working in all cases. This is more competitive method. I do not mean that you should stop applying for a job on search websites. keep trying and you should try every possible method until you are succeeded.

What i suggest, you should try to contact to Canadian employers or HR managers directly  and try to convince them that you are suitable for their company. This method is relatively less competitive.

  1. you should find a list of companies operating in Canada which are related to your skills field or occupation. For example: if you have skill in construction filed, you should go to google and find list of construction companies in Canada. Recently, Canadian government every year publish list of top Canadian employers.
  2. Every company has its website, you should visit its website. Some companies publish a list of jobs on their website. You can find this list by clicking on “Career or Job” button on company’s website.
  3. Read the description, duties and requirements of the job and assess if you have enough skills  for the job.
  4. If you think that you have enough qualification to be fit for a job, you should write a cover letter and CV/Resume.  Do not use one cover letter for every job because there may be several jobs for your one qualification with different titles. Every time write a new cover letter and target the job available. Read: how to write a cover letter and how to a create a good resume.

Where to Find List of Canadian Companies:

There are many ways to find list of Canadian companies to contact them for a job. The best method is to search on google. Google is the best place to get list of businesses and companies in Canada. Try to find companies which are more related to your occupation.

The second way is to check website of Top 100 employer of Canada. You can find top 100 employers of 2020 and previous years as well. Further more, you can find their websites, you should visit their website and check for available jobs.

Even if there is no available job, you should try to contact them to build a connection, linked In is the best place to establish connection with employers. Simply login to your linked In account and search the name of employers which you get from google or top 100 employers list. You will find available jobs and other details there. Try to engage with employers socially.

Job Search Websites:

Job search websites are also good place to find contact details of Canadian employers. Job Bank Canada is a  best job search website to apply job in Canada from overseas.

indeed Canada is also one of the top rated websites to find jobs in Canada.

Conclusion: i have tried best to answer your queries how to apply for a job in Canada to get a job offer from overseas. These methods are time taking and requires you to be consistent and hard working. Referring to Canada, there is no short cut to success. You can find many consultants promising to provide you with a job offer but that is very risky, eventually you will lose your hard earned money. If you have suitable skills, you can find a job offer from Canada free of cost without any third party.

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