Best money making apps in Saudi Arabia in 2020.

It is the era of earning online. The trend of working from home is going upward rapidly, especially due to recent situation. There are various ways to earn money by working online but you have to have some skills and time. However, There are plenty of apps which can make you money without doing anything. We are going to tell you about some of the best money making apps. You don’t have to be expert in internet, you don’t need to be highly educated. Some of these apps make you money even without doing anything, all you need to download, install the apps and keep using your phone in your normal routine.

Download app and earn money without doing anything:

This is one of the best apps which give you cash without doing anything. The name of this app is “Slide Joy. There is no need to complete any task. You just need to download, install the app and create a free account in the app, and you are good to earn money. What happens actually and why you earn money by just installing an app.

You might have used a screen lock app. This app is exactly like a screen lock. You can use it to lock the screen of your phone same as other app. When your screen is lock and you are not using your phone, this app shows news and ads on your phone screen. It is not necessary for you to click on news or ads. Just keep using phone as you do in normal routine.

We strongly recommend to download this app because you can earn money without doing any thing with this app. Slide Joy uses carats to give you cash, it means you can earn carats in your slide Joy account and later when you request payout, the carats will be converted in dollars. Download  and install money making mobile phone app by clicking here.

Online Surveys that Pay Cash:

There are a lot of online surveys website that pay you cash. Contrary to above mentioned money making, you have to spend little time to earn money at surveys website. Once you have signed up at a survey website, you have to create a free account and start completing surveys. The survey website pay you per survey you complete. You can make from half dollar to 25 dollar for each survey. Give it a try.

What are the surveys ?

These survey websites collect your opinion about different issues, products and services on the behalf of different countries. Your opinion helps them to achieve a specific goal. You get cash for giving opinion through online surveys.  Zen Surveys in one the top rated and high paying survey website. Click here to visit Zen Survey.

Earn money by having ads in phone:

This app works like Slide Joy. If you don’t have enough skills and time to spend in making efforts to earn online. This is the second best app for you. The name of this app is Mint screen. Simply download, install this app in your phone and create a free account. It also works like a screen lock app. Whenever, your are not using phone, it will lock your phone screen as per your setting and start showing ads on your screen and also news articles. You will get point in mint screen app and once you have enough points, you can redeem into cash through many ways. Why not give it a try. You can download  app by clicking here.

Use your phone to take photo and earn money:

If you have phone with good camera result. There is a great opportunity for you to earn money without doing any extra work. Simply take photo with your cell phone camera or any other camera and upload to Foap app. Foap app will sell your photo for minimum 10$. There is no limit on number of uploads, you can upload photos as many as you want. Visit Foap by clicking here and sign up as a creator.

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