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The Real News Network “Al Jazeera”, also known as Aljazeera and JSC, is one of most popular news channels of the world which provides daily local news as well international news of every moment. Al Jazeera Media Network is the owner of Al Jazeera Doha based broadcaster. A royal ruling family of Qatar is actually funding this satellite TV. In the very beginning it was only an Arabic News and current affairs channel. Now a days, Al Jazeera broadcast in multiple languages and accessible in many regions of the world. Though Government of Qatar is the owner of Al Jazeera TV channel, yet officials always say that they are not editorially dependent of Qatar Government but it is still unclear and disputed.

Al Jazeera Live Stream

William Youmans put Al Jazeera English News in unlikely audients with plans to expand this network to more regions of the world. Al Jazeera English was live in 2006 lofty aims of editorial. Scan attention was given to the parts of Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa, Southwest Asia. It was only to expand the coverage of channel to more areas. They covered the issues of poverty, minority groups plight, cultural, social, sports news,political and environmental issues around the globe. Through this policy they got little attention until 2011. Al Jazeera English became the most popular channels and got huge audience when it covered the revolutions broke out in Egypt, Libya, Yemen and Tunisia.

Al Jazeera was remarkably great on the rebellion in Bahrain A Cooperation Council Ally of Gulf. Coverage of the Arab Spring by Al Jazeera English was full of controversy. Al Jazeera English News Liver streaming got a great number of American viewers more than 1.6 million to its website. Finally, its leaders decided to enter the Market of media in USA and expanded the Network as Al Jazeera American.

From start to finish, Al Jazeera America (AJAM) kept going minimal over three years and was known to cost at any rate $2 billion, the greater part going to costly land and TV appropriation bargains that never figured out how to push the channel over a bleak normal of 30,000 watchers every day. En route, it incited a heap of claims, featuring the strains between Qatari administrative culture and that of the left-inclining American newsroom, and gave a wake up call about seeking after outdated TV news in the age of the Internet.

Now a Days, Al Jazeera have multiple languages transmission and offering a wide range of features, programs, channels as well as centers such as Al Jazeera Arabic, Al Jazeera English, , Al Jazeera Balkans, Al Jazeera Mubasher, Al Jazeera Documentary AJ+. Al Jazeera Network is widely expanded to Jetty, Al Jazeera Centre for Studies, Al Jazeera Media Institute, Al Jazeera Centre for Public Liberties & Human Rights, Al Jazeera Hotel Partners, Al Jazeera Forum, Al Jazeera Learning,  Al Jazeera Film Festival. An estimated number of viewers of Al Jazeera has reached more than 310 million and it is covering more than 100 countries. Even the American People are fan of this non-American TV channel. Al Jazeera network has recruited more than 70 different nationalities based staff for making its newsroom the most diversed in the world. Number of staff in Al Jazeera media network has cross the limit of 3000 people world wide.

Al Jazeera has covered successfully War in Afghanistan, War in Iraq, diplomatic crises of Qatar in 2017. Live news streaming has become the main backbone of Al Jazeera TV channel. Any time live new stream can be watched on social media plat form or website of Al Jazeera. Al Jazeera very finely cover world politics especially Trump immigration policies and other political issue around the world.