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Russia visa entry ticket sale is open once again.

If you want to visit Russia without visa, you can buy match ticket today. 

Click Here to buy tickets from UEFA ticket resale portal.

Once again foreigners from all countries can visit Russia without visa. Russia has announced visa free entry for all nationals to attend an upcoming football tournament, EURO 2020. UEFA (the union of European football associations) is organizing football tournament in 12 cities across the world including St Petersburg, Russia. [Recommended: e-visa, visa on arrival and visa free countries]

Watch Video for buying Ticket:

you can watch our latest video regarding how to buy ticket for Euro 2020 match. Click Here to watch video.

Why Visa Free Entry to Russia?

4 matches of Euro 2020 football tournament will be played in a city of Russia, Saint Petersburg. So, Russia has offered visa free entry for football lovers in order to make this event highly successful. This list of 4 matches in Saint Petersburg is as follows:

  1. Saturday 13 June – Group B: Belgium v Russia (22:00, local time).
    2. Wednesday 17 June – Group B: Finland v Russia (16:00, local time).
    3. Monday  22 June – Group B: Finland v Belgium (22:00, local time).
    4. Friday  3 July – QF1: Winner 6 v Winner 5 (19:00, local time).

When to Travel Visa Free?

Visa free entry will start 14 days in advance from the first match which will be played in Saint Petersburg. It means you are allowed to enter Russia without visa from 30 May 2020 or later when you want.

You can stay in Russia maximum up to 10 days after the last match in saint petersburg. It means you can stay there until 13 July 2020. You have to leave Russia before 13 july 2020 or on 13 July 2020.

Requirements of Visa Free Entry:

There are three major requirements to get visa free entry to Russia regarding Euro 2020 football tournament:

  1. Valid Passport.
  2. Match Ticket
    • You have to buy at least one ticket of any match which will be played in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Do not buy tickets of matches which will be played outside Russia.
  3. Fan ID.
    • The government of Russia issues this documents. It is free of cost. You need to get it in order to enter Russia without visa. You have to buy match ticket first and then you can apply for fan id. [Read Also: Seasonal work visa.]

If you have these three documents, you do not need to get Russia visa. You will be allowed to enter Russia without visa. There is no other requirements to get this visa free entry.

How to Get Match Ticket?

You can buy match ticket from official website of UEFA. Ticketing portal of UEFA is once again today. There will be no balloting or draw any more. All available tickets will be  open for sale on first come first serve bases. You can visit UEFA website and create your free account. Tickets sale will be open at 02:00 PM Central European Time zone which is 6 PM in Pakistan.

Usually you have to create account first at UEFA website and then you can apply for match tickets.

Watch video how to buy tickets:

How to Pay Ticket Price?

 you have to pay ticket price through visa/master/credit/debit card or alipay. If you do not have your own card, you can use card of your friends or relative for payment.

What is the price of Ticket?

The price of tickets depends on ticket category. there are three categories of tickets. The cheapest is Category 3. It will cost minimum 50 Euro for one ticket.

How will tickets  be Delivered?

You will receive tickets through courier/postal services at the address you entered while registering account at However, you will get ticket number and order number soon after you make payment.

Download EURO 2020 Match Ticket:

You can download your purchased match ticket from your account. It is better to use smart phone app of UEFA for this purpose. You can download android or apple app by clicking here.

Ticket Number/Order Number:

Once you have made payment, you will receive confirmation email from UEFA. Now, you should login into your UEFA account. Under, Tickets/order history, you will find ticket number and order number. This number is required to apply for Fan id. Your fan id application will not be successful if you do not have order number or ticket number.

Russia Fan Id 2020:

Once you have made payment for match ticket, you will receive an order number and ticket number in your UEFA account. Once you have this number, you are ready to apply for Fan Id. The government of Russia issues fan id. There is no fee to apply fan id.

All you have to visit official website for fan id and click “registration”. Fill out all fields with your information and submit your application. The application process of Fan-id is very easy. You can watch video tutorial by Clicking here.

Watch video for Fan ID:

Delivery of Fan Id:

Fan id will be sent to your address through postal/courier service or to vfs global. In Pakistan, you can receive fan id only through by post. However, other countries’ citizens can choose between vfs or by post while applying for fan id.

Do You Need to Get Visa?

If you have Match ticket, fan id and valid passport,  you do not need to apply Russia visit visa. You can visit Russia without visa during the tournament period. [You may be interested: Work Visa without sponsor]

Do You need to Visit Russian Embassy?

Under this offer, you do not need to visit Russian embassy regarding visa free entry purpose.

Is it Permanent Visa Free Entry?

This is not a permanent visa free entry. This offer will be open from 30 May 2020 to 13 July 2020. However, Russian government may extend visa free entry after tournament same as they extended visa free entry till the end of the year in 2018 after FIFA football cup.

You are Ready to take Flight:

Once you have received match ticket, fan id and have a valid passport, you are ready to take flight to Russia from 30 May 2020. You cannot get this visa free entry before 30 may 2020. There is no other requirement specified by the Russia government. However, it is advisable to have to some good amount of cash show money and some accommodation arrangement. Unpaid/free/paid or any other type of hotel reservation or accommodation arrangement is fine for you. But still show money is and hotel reservation are not the requirements of visa free entry.