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Book Booster Dose Appointment in Saudi Arabia.

Booster Dose of Covid-19 Vaccine has been declared mandatory in Saudi Arabia, news published by Saudi Gazette. All those age 18 or above have to get the booster dose within 8 months after the second dose. However, the booster dose cannot be taken within three months soon after the second dose. It means after getting the second dose, you have to wait for three months and then you will be eligible for third dose or booster dose. You will have a period of five months to get third dose, otherwise you will lose your immune status.

Check your immune status, click here.

The ministry of interior of Saudi Arabia as well as Jawazat has officially announced the new law of immunization status. According to the new, a person will lose immunization status if he/she doesn’t get third vaccine within 8 months after getting the second dose. Without the boost dose, the immune status will get expired and such person have to face several restrictions. The expired immune status will be visible in Tawakalana and Sehatty App.

How to Book Appointment for Booster Dose in Saudi Arabia:

There are several ways to book appointment for the booster dose in Saudi Arabia. The easiest way is Sehatty app.

All you have to log into your Sehatty app account.

Click “Covid 19 Vaccine”. It will show the history of vaccine dose which you have taken in the past.

At the bottom of the page, you will see “Book An Appointment”. If three months have passed after the second dose, you will see “Eligible Status”. Click “Book an Appointment” to start booking.

a new page will open, click “Next”.

You have to answer a few easy questions and then you will see the list of vaccine centers nearby. you can choose nearby center and select date and time.

In this way, you can book appointment for the booster dose of covid vaccine in Saudi Arabia.

What if no appointment slot available:

If there is no free appointment slot available in nearby centers, you can get help from your friend who is in other city. Give him your login credentials, so he can book appointment in his city, then you can go there to have vaccine.

Vaccine appointment without sehatty and tawakalna:

If you are a visitor visa holder or want to book appointment for booster dose without Sehatty and Tawakalna, you can use this method.

All you have visit the official booking portal of ministry of health of Saudi Arabia. The link is given below:

You can open this website in your phone browser, google chrome browser is preferred because it will help you to translate Arabic website into English.

What if you are outside Saudi Arabia:

The new law of booster dose is currently applicable to inside Kingdom only. All those who are outside Saudi Arabia, they are not required to have the booster dose. There is no travel restriction on such people without the booster dose. If you want to get third dose outside KSA, you can get it and update your information in Tawaklna by sending your information to Ministry of health of Saudi Arabia. Read more: Update Tawakalna status from outside KSA, click here.