Ayesha Akram Rambo Greater Iqbal Park

A big development has been seen in Ayesha Akram Rambo Greater Iqbal Park Incident Case. Police arrested Rambo who was a TikToker friend of Ayesha Akram.

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As reported by ARY news, police has arrested seven people including Rambo from seven different locations in Lahore. However, Ayesha Akram has nominated 12 people in her statement given to police but 7 people have been arrested so far.

Ayesha Akram told to police in her statement that Rambo has made his videos and now he is using that  videos for blackmailing her. Furthermore she told to DIG investigation Shariq Jamal in a written statement that it was Rambo who made the plan of going to greater Iqbal Park which eventually resulted in an incident of harassments. She said Rambo has her nude videos and he is using those videos to blackmailer her.

According to the statement of Ayesha Akram, the accused Rambo is not alone. He is running a gang with a fellow called, Badshah. She said, Rambo, Badshah and other fellows are operating a gang of Tiktokers  who blackmail others.

She told to DIG that Rambo has taken 100,000 Pakistani rupee from her through blackmailing as he has her videos; he always gets half of her income each time. She said, she was not able to inform police about Rambo because he was always following and staying with her. Therefore, she couldn’t find a chance to seek help from police. She said “I sought help and security from police now because i have tired of being blackmailed for a long time.”

On the other hand, DIG investigation or police department haven’t revealed any information. Police has arrested several people, and later, Ayesha Akram will be called to identify the criminals.

The Greater Iqbal Park incident took place on 14 August 2021 when Ayesha Akram and her tiktokers friends went to celebrate the national day of Pakistan. Allegedly, 400 people harassed Ayesha Akram. Apparently she was successful to win sympathy of Pakistani people but as police investigation is going further, the personality of Ayesha Akram is becoming controversial and incident seems to be preplanned as to win public sympathy and defame the country.