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Japan Signed MOU with Pakistan to Import Skilled Workers from Pakistan.

On December 23, 2019, an agreement has been signed between Japanese and Pakistani representatives regarding sending of Pakistani skilled workers to Japan. Japan is going to open its doors for Pakistani skilled workers through newly signed Memorandum of Cooperation. The Federal Secretary of Ministry of Overseas of Pakistan signed  MOU with Japanese ambassador in Islamabad. Earlier in October 2019, an announcement was made that Japan would be getting work force from Pakistan and an MOU would be signed very soon; That MOU has been signed yesterday. Thousands of Pakistani workers now would be able to work in Japan in legal way.

What type of Visa will be given to Pakistanis:

Japan is facing serious labor shortage and wants to import 340000 workers in coming years. To achieve this goal, Japan has already started a new work visa program in April 2019, known as “Specified Skills Work Visa”. In the beginning, Only 9 countries were eligible for this visa excluding Pakistan. Through the recent agreement, Japan has included Pakistan in Specified Skills work visa eligible countries’ list. Therefore, Pakistani citizens will get Specified Skills work visa under newly signed MOU. Click to Read about Japan Specified Skills work Visa.

Are TITP Visa and Specified Skills Visa Same?

May be you have already came to know about recently launched TITP japan visa in Pakistan. It is worth mentioning that TITP visa is totally different from Specified skills work visa. However, if you already hold titp japan visa and you are in Japan, you can convert it into Specified Skills work visa. In short words, TITP visa and Specified skills work visa both are different.

Occupations Under New MOU:

According to the MOU signed, Pakistanis will be able to get work visa to work in any of 14 industries. In fact Japan needs a big number of workers in these industries. The list of industries is as follows:

  1. Restaurants
    2. Hotels
    3. nursing care
    4. building cleaning
    5. agriculture
    6. fishery
    7. food and beverage
    8. materials processing
    9. industrial machinery
    10. electronics and electric machinery
    11. construction
    12. shipbuilding
    13. vehicle maintenance
    14. airport ground handling & aircraft maintenance

Zulfi Bukhari, the special assistant to Pakistani prime minister said that Pakistanis should get more skills in Information Technology as there is a huge demand of skilled workers in this field.

Requirements for Specified Skills Work Visa:

  • Applicants need to have some skills in any of  14 occupations listed under specified skills work visa.
  • Candidates must know basic Japanese language. Centers for Japanese language course will be set up in many areas of Pakistan where Pakistan can do 3-6 months Japanese language course.

However, exact requirements for this program has not yet revealed. We will update when further details will be available.

How to Apply This Work Visa?

Details regarding requirements and application process of specified skills work visa has not yet announced. The governments of Pakistan and Japan will soon designate some organization to select candidates for this visa. That organization will announced that application criteria and process. You will have to go through some skills tests, languge tests, interview, medical test and police clearance etc.

Readers are highly advised to stay away from fake agents. No agents will be authorized to issue specified skills work visa. You will get it though designated organizations only.