How to Update Date of Birth in Iqama

How to Update Date of Birth in Iqama

Are you searching for accurate information on How to Update Date of Birth in Iqama? If you are an expat in Saudia and your date of birth is incorrect on Iqama then you are at the right blog. You should be wondering how to Update Date of birth in Iqama. Today’s article will provide all the information you may need. We are going to discuss this topic as per the rules and regulations of the Saudi Passport and Immigration Department which is associated with the Ministry of Interior. They are responsible for issuing residence, emigration permits to all kinds of foreigners residing in the Kingdom.

When a foreigner decides to leave the Kingdom and return to his home country permanently, then a final exit is required, which is famous by the name Khurooj Nihai (Final Exit) in Arabic. An exit and re-entry are necessary if you are going on vacation. The reason for discussing this is that a valid Iqama is mandatory with all the correct information to leave and enter the Kingdom.

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Steps and Information on How to Update Date of Birth in Iqama

A person on Twitter asked Jawazat, ‘How to Update Date of birth in iqama because his was recorded wrong. On approaching Jawazat’s office he was told to visit his sponsor and tell him about the problem of the wrong date of birth on Iqama. The person came to the Kingdom a long time ago, can the problem be solved by creating an account on Absher?

As a response from the Jawazat, ‘Foreigners working and residing in the Kingdom are not allowed to approach the Jawazat office directly for any changes or corrections needed to be made in their Iqama’. If you really want to correct the date of birth in your Iqama, get a certified authority letter from the sponsor or the representative he was appointed by who is eligible to verify the documents on his end.

The next step is to get an appointment with the nearest permit office and visit them at the appointment time where the worker’s Iqama and original passport should be available and presented to the official. An application form will also be given by the permit office. You need to fill and attach it with the passport and Iqama.