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Hajj Flight Schedule 2022 Saudi Airlines Announced.

The Hajj flight schedule 2022 Saudi Airlines has been released. According to the latest news, the Hajj flights will be arriving at King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah and Amir Muhammad Bin Abdulaziz International Airport in Medina from all over the world. Additional seats have been approved on a number of flights. All the arrangements have been made by keeping the huge volume of Hajj flights in mind. Some sources revealed the start date of Hajj flights which is 28 July 2022 but this is not an accurate date. If the confirmed date is shared we will give you the news on this website. However, no exact date is yet announced by any travel company or airline.

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Saudi Arabia’s Director-General Engineer Ibrahim Al-Omar has said that all the major preparations have been completed to receive the caravans coming to Saudia with Hajj pilgrims. Saudi Arabia has made the essential arrangements under the supervision of Interior Minister Prince Abdulaziz bin Saud, who is also the head of the High Hajj Committee Saudi Arabia. The Hajj flight schedule 2022 Saudi Airlines had also received special management instructions from the head of the Central Hajj Committee and Governor of Makkah Prince Khalid Al-Faisal. All these instructions are taken into consideration effective immediately.

If we talk about the number of crafts and flight then, 14 aircraft for 268 Hajj flights has been allocated to take pilgrims to Saudi Arabia from 15 international airports. A total number of 32 Hajj flights will be operated from 6 airports from Saudia to Jeddah and Madinah. More than 170,000 seats will be provided for international travelers and 128,000 seats are reserved for pilgrims from Saudi Arabia. In addition, about 100 domestic and international flights will be scheduled within the country.

Ibrahim Al-Omar said that during the Hajj flight schedule 2022 Saudi Airlines will provide many special facilities will be provided to the pilgrims during their journey. Special service will be provided under responsible management. Pilgrims will be able to listen to ‘Talbiyyah’ Half an hour before arriving at the Miqat, the intention of Hajj and ihram will be announced for those who perform Hajj on the plane while passing through the Miqat. The airline will also provide audio and video information about Hajj to the pilgrims who are traveling to the holy shrines for the first time. This way they can get acquainted with the other members of Hajj.


We have provided all the information about the Hajj flight schedule for 2022 Saudi Airlines. As soon we have new updates about the Hajj flight schedules, we will upload them to keep you posted. It will a good choice to pack up your bags and wait for a confirmation of the Hajj flight schedules in Saudi Arabia.

Source: Urdunews

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