Easy Qiwa employee transfer procedure – New Method in 2023.

Qiwa Employee Transfer Procedure:

How Qiwa employee transfer procedure work? All the information is provided in this article. Some changes have been made to the labor laws of Saudi Arabia. Foreign workers can now change their sponsorship as the process has been simplified. As per the newly introduced labor laws, foreign workers are allowed to seek better employment if they are not satisfied with the current one. The employment contract plays an important role because it’s proof of commitment between both parties. If the worker is offered another job with better wages, he holds the right to inform his former sponsor about this. He will the responsible to change the sponsorship to the new employer.

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The Saudi Ministry of Manpower has named the sub-platform Qiwa, utilized for assisting foreign workers. This is the platform where an application for a change of sponsorship should be uploaded. A man person on Twitter asked that he uploaded the application for a change of sponsorship on Qiwa and during the Qiwa employee transfer procedure his Iqama expired. But the notice period didn’t end, can the expired Iqama be a problem in the change of sponsorship?

In response, Qiwa replied that ‘According to the new labor rules, the notice period which is 10 days is required to be completed regardless of whether the Iqama has expired or is valid. The application for the change of sponsorship will continue to be processed without any issues.

It should be noted that this newly introduced platform is very responsible and accurate. We appreciate the efforts of the Ministry of Manpower and Social Welfare. It’s a great step to digitize the process of changing the sponsorship of foreign workers with the help of the Qiwa employee transfer procedure. This platform was introduced for experimental purposes but since it’s going so well it will be beneficial in the long run.

Once the application for the sponsorship transfer is uploaded on the Qiwa platform, the new sponsor starts preparing the employment contract for the employee and uploads it on the platform. A link is also sent to the worker for confirmation. The worker should approve the employment contract after reading all the terms and conditions carefully. If the worker approved the digital contract of employment, it’s further verified through the Qiwa platform, after which the sponsorship transfer process is completed.

Another foreign worker asked, ‘Can the sponsorship be transferred if the agricultural permit expires while the iqama remains?’ As a response, Qiwa replied that ‘in both cases, the process of change of sponsorship can be completed’. Satisfactory facilities have been provided on Qiwa digital platform as per the new labor laws and rules for sponsoring the worker, but you should be familiar with them.


The Qiwa employee transfer procedure is not the first program since the beginning of this year. The Saudi Ministry of Interior has made a lot of changes in the Iqama laws also and they are still in progress. They have taken a serious interest in employers and taken the new changes into consideration.