Al Hosn App Green Pass

Al Hosn App Green Pass system has been fully activated in Abu Dhabi from 08 August 2021. According to the latest announcement by Abu Dhabi government, only vaccinated people  and green pass status holders can enter shopping malls, cafes, restaurants and other public places. Unvaccinated and non-green pass holders cannot visit public places.

Previously Abu Dhabi launched a green pass system which went to public. Al hosn app got new feature which shows the vaccination and immune status of app user using a color code system. Three colors, green, gray and red are used to show the status of user. Red color means the user is already tested for positive covid-19 test. Green color means the person is negative covid-19.

al hosn green pass validity:

Al hosn green validity varies depending on categories. There are 4 categories of Al Hosn Green pass depending on the validity.

Al Hosn Green Pass Category 1:

Al hosn green pass category 1 has a validity of up to 30 days. it is for those people who have already received two doses of vaccine 28 days before or were volunteers in the trials of vaccine testing; and both types are tested negative for covid 19.

Al Hosn Green Pass Category 2:

This green status is valid for 14 days. Those who have the second dose of vaccine in less than 28 days and have negative test result of covid-19, they have green pass status validity for 14 days.

Al Hosn Green Pass Category 3:

Al hosn green pass status remains valid for seven days for those who have received the first dose of covid-19 vaccine and now waiting for their second dose. Such people have validity of 7 days in the Al hosn green pass.

Those who cannot take vaccine due to some medical reason supported with exemption certificate, such people can have green pass validity for seven days. however, the  negative covid-19 test is mandatory for exempted people to get al hosn green pass.

Al Hosn Green Pass Category 4:

Al hosn app green pass has validity of three days for those who have received the first dose covid-19 vaccination and are late by 48 days or more to get the second dose of vaccine. They can have green pass for three days if they have negative test result of covid 19.

Those without any vaccine dose can also have three days green pass if they have negative PCR test result for covid 19.

Al Hosn Gray Status:

When the validity of Al Hosn green pass status ends, the green color turns into gray. In fact, it is based on the validity of PCR test result. When PCR test result expires, the green status changes into gray. And this is common for all categories of green pass.