Umrah Visa New Rules.

Recently Ministry of Hajj and Umrah visa has announced three policies regarding Hajj and Umrah visa for new Islamic year 1441. The King of Saudi Arabia Salman and Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman hass issued a royal decree to restructure Umrah visa, Hajj visa and Visit visas. According to the royal decree three new changes has come into effects immediately . Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Hajj and Umrah Dr. Mohammad Saleh Bentin thanked to Royal king and announced the following changes:

New Umrah Visa Fees:

As reported by Saudi Gazzete, the new umrah visa fees will be SAR 300. The government of Saudi Arabia has set same fee for Hajj, Umrah and visit visa. [ You may be interested: Japan Visa Without Sponsor]

Umrah Fees for Repeaters:

There was a big confusion among those who want to perform umrah for second time. Recently, Minister of Hajj and Umrah, Dr. Mohammad Saleh announced that there will be no additional fee for repeat Umrah Visas. Usually, SAR 2000 fee was charged for repeat Umrah visas but now, this fee will not be charged any more. This is the good news for Umrah pilgrims who wish to perform Umrah once again.

Umrah E visa:

Ministry of Hajj and Umrah ordered Umrah operators, agents and companies to apply Umrah visa through electronic umrah visa portal. Umrah e visas will be issued during this umrah season. It means there will be no need to visit Saudi embassy or consulate for umrah visas.

Individuals cannot apply there Umrah e visa by themselves rather they have to get e visas through authorized umrah operators.

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