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UAE canceled automatic extension in visa and id card.

The cabinet of UAE government has announced a new decision on 10 July 2020 regarding the extension in visa, entry permit and emirates id card expired on 1st mach and afterwards. Previously, UAE government extended all visas and emirates id cards till 31 December 2020, this decision was applicable on visas and cards expired on 1st march and afterwards inside and outside UAE.

According to the new decision of cabinet, the previous policy of  automatic extension till December, has been canceled. It means the former decision of extension till 31 December has been canceled and all granted extension in visa and emirates id card has been canceled as well. All those who have visa and emirates id cards expired from first march, have to apply for renewal. The decision applies on visa and id card holders both inside and outside UAE .

People inside UAE have  a grace period of three months to renew visa and id card without any fine with normal fees. The grace period will start from 12 July 2020.

People who have spent less than six months abroad, will have a grace period of 1 month to renew their documents.

People who have spent  more than six months abroad, have visa expired, will also have grace period. The grace period will depend on opening date of air space between the countries. So the grace period may vary from country to country, it will be specified by ICA.

All those who have visas and card expired inside UAE, should apply for renewal within the grace period. Although your visa and id card have been extended till 31 December  yet you have to renew your visa and card within grace period. otherwise you have to pay fine for renewal after grace period.

All those who are abroad with valid or expired visa, with stay of less or more than six in home country, must apply for online approval at ICA and GDRFA Dubai website (in case of Dubai visa). Once approval is granted, go to UAE without any delay.

People asking about un-used canceled uae visas including work and visit visas, should be aware that UAE government  has not yet announced any policy in this regard. No work visas are issued outside UAE, currently work visas are issued inside UAE only. Visit visa can be converted into work visa, so if you have a sponsor for work visa, you can get visit/tourist visa and can convert into work visa once you are there in UAE.

Source: Khaleej Times