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Saudia to give free extension in Iqama and visas.

Saudi King Shah Salman has ordered an extension of three months in expired or expiring Iqama, visit visa, final exit visa and exit re-entry visa. There is no fees for this extension and it is an automatic extension which means there is no need to submit any application to avail this opportunity. The new order will cover foreigners inside the Kingdom as well as outside.

All foreigners who are currently abroad with expired or expiring saudi Iqamas and exit re-entry visas, will get an automatic and free extension provided their exit re-entry visas or iqama expired during the period of covid 19 crises.

Foreigners  inside the KSA will also have free automatic extension in expired/expiring Iqama, un-used final exit visa as well as unused exit re-entry visas. Visitor visa holders are also eligible for three months free and automatic extension in visitor visa.

The above order covers only those whose iqama and visas expired  during crises period. It won’t cover any document expired before the period of crises. To check expiry date of your iqama and visa validity, please visit the following links.

Click to Check Iqama Expiry Date.

Click to Check Visa Validity and Exit Re-entry Visa.