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RTA Parking WhatsApp Payment System

Nowadays RTA (Roads and Transport Authority) in Dubai has introduced a new service that will allow motorists to pay for RTA parking through WhatsApp, news published by Khaleej Urdu. You heard it right. This payment system has been officially announced by the RTA. The main advantage of using this payment system is that it is more convenient and the vehicle owners will save 30 Fils on SMS. The news was first shared last year by the RTA during the Gulf Information Technology Exhibition (GITEX). Now it is available for public use in UAE. So the main question remains, how to pay for your RTA parking through WhatsApp? We will be discussing the answer ahead. Just follow these few simple steps.

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Steps to Use RTA Parking WhatsApp Payment System:

We will be paying the parking fee by sending a message through WhatsApp to RTA’s chatbot. You will also be saving 30 Fils on regular SMS payments.

  • First, you have to save this number on your cellphone: 971 58 8009090
  • Now send the message using the same format: [Plate Number] [Space][Zone Number] [Space][Duration]. It will look like this: A00000 000A 2
  • After sending the SMS a confirmation SMS will be sent to you stating that your parking ticket has been confirmed. Your vehicle number and parking ticket will be attached automatically.

How Will I Be Charged for the Parking Ticket?

Drivers in Dubai will be charged via two payment methods for the RTA parking through WhatsApp.

  • The first and most reliable method is RTA’s E-Wallet Account. You can use this wallet for other RTA’s services also.
  • If you want to use this parking fee method make sure that you have a sufficient fee balance on your mobile and credit card or it will be added to your bill in the form of a postpaid number.

New public parking hours were announced in Dubai on 28th March. It states that public parking will now be free on Sundays instead of Fridays. There was another announcement made by the Executive council resolution that the parking will be free on public holidays. Multi-story parking will be charged on a seven-day fee basis.

This is how you can use RTA Parking WhatsApp payment system which is more convenient than current payment methods.