How to Open Al Rajhi Bank online account?

Al Rajhi is one of the most popular banks in Saudi Arabia. Local citizens as well expatriates can open online bank account in Al Rajhi. Opening online bank account is very easy, you don’t need to submit any documents, you don’t need to go to bank in person. If you have an android or apple phone, you are good to open account.

Please Note: if you already have Tahweel Al Rajhi bank account, you are still eligible to open a new bank account. Some expatriates were facing issue in opening new current account because of existing Tahweel Al Rajhi account, but this issue has been resolved by the bank. Therefore, you can now open a new current bank. {Read Also: Create Free Absher Account in 2 minutes}

Steps to Open Al Rajhi Current Bank Account Online:

1 . Download and install mobile phone application of Al Rajhi bank. You can download app by clicking here.

2 . Open Al Rajhi bank app and click “Open Account”.

3 .  A form will open. Enter your Saudi mobile phone number. (better if number is associated with absher). Also Enter your Iqama number.

Click the empty check box to accept term & conditions.

Click “Next” button.

4 . The system will send an OTP (one-time password) to your mobile number through SMS. Enter that code to verify your number.

5 . A new page will open. You have to choose your profession. Your primary income source and your monthly income. After this click “Next”.

6 . Now, it will open Absher Nafaz page. Click “Proceed”.

7 . Now, the long in page of absher will open. Enter your iqama number and absher password to log in. Enter image code as shown in small image and click “Log in”. Here, you are actually logging into your absher account because banks are working in line with absher.

8 . Again an OTP will be sent your number associated with absher. This time the OTP is from absher. Enter that code and click “Continue”.

9 . Now, you will see a message “Operation Successful. Please wait”. You should click “Continue”.

  1. At this step, you have to enter your city of birth, and click “Next”.

11 . At this step, it will ask you if you are a citizen of US or have tax treaty with US. Depending on your country you can choose any options. However, if you’re not a citizen of USA, you can choose NO. If you are a Pakistani or Indian, you can choose “NO” for both. And Click “Next”.

12 . Now, you have to set your username and password. You can use them to login to your new Al Rajhi bank online account. Set user name and password, and click “Next”.

13 . Enter your email address. Email must be valid.

14 . Congratulations. You have successfully opened your Al Rajhi online current bank account. You will see all details like bank account number on your screen.

The system will send these details to your email address as well. Now you can log into your online bank account using the username and password which you set step no 12. That’s all. You can go to self-service machine to print the ATM card.

Remember: you must have registered national address. If you don’t have a national address, you have to have one. Otherwise you cannot open Al Rajhi online bank account.

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