Saudi Arabia Started A New Work Visa.

What is new work visa of Saudi Arabia?

The new work visa of Saudi Arabia is actually a combination of visitor and work visa. It is a temporary visit work visa which allows foreigners to live and work for a period of up to 90 days. Foreigners can get this visa with multiple number of entries. This is a short-term work visa which is purely designed to meet the temporary needs to workers. The employer can hire workers on urgent bases through this system.

Do you still need work permit or residence permit?

No, holder of new temporary visit work visa do not need to get any additional work permit or residence permit to work legally in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The new visit work visa itself is enough for this purpose. [Read also: Al Rajhi Bank Free Digital Card for Foreigners]

Validity and length of new Temporary visit work visa:

The maximum length of new temporary visit or work visa is 90 days and visa validity is up to one year. Which means you have to use this visa within one year after date of issuance of the visa.

How to get new work visa?

Same as other work visas, the new temporary work visa is also a sponsored work visa which means there must be an employer/kafeel in Saudi Arabia who is willing to give you an employment.

Once you have an employer/kafeel, your kafeel have to buy qouta from relevant department which designated by Saudi government. Qoutas can be purchased online at Qiwa platform. There is no need for the employer kafeel to visit any office in person. All visa related work is done online. There is  no requirement for the kafeel to submit documents in person.

After the quota is purchased for a foreign national employee, the employee have to visit Saudi consulate for the issuance of a visa sticker which will allow him to enter, live and work in Saudi Arabia for period of 90 days.

What are the eligibility requirements of new temporary work visa?

To become a sponsor of a foreign employee, the Saudi Kafeel have to meet certain eligibility requirements which are as follows:

  • The commercial registration of kafeel have to be valid.
  • The kafeel have to comply with wage protection system of Saudi Arabia.
  • The nitaqat color category of kafeel must be medium green or higher.
  • The worker who are already in the Kingdom must have valid visas.

How can kafeel apply for the visa?

Qiwa platform is providing various online services including visa issuance. All kafeels who wish to buy quota to bring foreign workers under temporary work visa stream, they should visit Qiwa platform, register account, login to Qiwa account and then visit visa issuance tab. All kafeel have to pay a fee to buy quota.

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Source: Qiwa