Bahrain Causeway Visa on Arrival from Saudi Arabia

Bahrain Causeway Visa on Arrival from Saudi Arabia:

Today we are going to discuss Bahrain Causeway Visa on arrival. If you are among the families already residing in Saudia Arabia on a visit visa then this article will be helpful. Exit and re-entry have been a severe issue because previously visa was extended after 3 months and exit and re-entry were before 6 months. But it’s been a while since some updates are in place and now you need to do exit and re-entry to extend your visit visa. People who are living near Jordan can benefit the most from an on-arrival visa. They just need to visit the Jodan border and pay the visa stamp fee of Riyal 50 to 55. This is the easiest way to exit and re-enter Saudi Arabia.

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People who are living in Riyadh, Al Qassim, and Dammam, on the other hand, couldn’t visit Jordan because the distance was too much. Bahrain was also not a reliable choice as an e-Visa was required. Not everyone could qualify for this visa and the visa fee was also non-refundable. The visa acceptance chances are high if you apply through a qualified agent.

King Fahd Causeway Now Offering On-Arrival Visa:

The good news is that now you can get a Bahrain Causeway Visa on arrival. King Fahd Causeway is a bridge connecting all the major cities in Gulf such as Khobar, Saudi Arabia, and Al Jasra, Bahrain. You don’t even need an advanced e-Visa. Families can exit and re-enter with a fee of Riyal 50 per passport for an on-arrival visa. You will be able to get a 3-month visa extension for Saudi Arabi. This is a great way to boost tourism in Bahrain and other cities of Saudia Arabia.


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