abid sher ali london insult viral video

Abid Sher Ali London insult viral video is now a topic of debates in Pakistan on social media as well as on main stream media. Abid sher ali can be seen very angry and giving non-stop words of abuse in the currently viral video.

Recently, the video of ex-federal minister of Pakistan  is viral on all medias.  He is one of the leaders of Pakistan Muslim League (N) and currently residing in London with ex-prime minister of Pakistan Mr. Nawaz Sharif.

In the video, it can be watched that Abid sher Ali was having meal with Salman Shahbaz, the son of Shahbaz sharif in a restaurant of London. One lady with two men came there for having meal, when they saw abid sher ali, they went close to him and said ” you robbed and looted the money of Pakistani nation and ran away to London; Return the money of Pakistani nation.”

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These statements made Abid sher ali very angry, he lost his temper and giving vulgar words of abuse to woman and other men who were with the lady. The restaurant staff tried to control the situation but Abid sheri ali didn’t stop. In the video, it is clear that he was giving non stop words of abuse.

Abid sher ali insult in London restaurant was captured by Salman Shahbaz who was accompanying him at that time but during the whole course of action Salman shahbaz did not say anything and made the video of this event. That video is now popular on social media.

The exchange of harsh words continued for longer time, later the restaurant staff was able to control the situation.

The viral video which consists of abid sher ali insult is now being rapidly shared on social media. The social media users are giving and exchanging comments and opinions. One social media user said on twitter, “Abid Sher Ali, we will never let you have a single meal peacefully. You looted money of Pakistani nation and you have to return to Pakistan to repay it.”

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As Pakistani Muslim League N was previously ruling party and there are so many cases running in the court against PMLN leaders under the corruption charges. On the other hand, Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf claims to bring all corrupt ex-rulers to the court. Therefore, a big fight is also going on social media between the followers, workers of PTI and the followers of ex-ruling parties PMLN and PPP. The recent video of Abid Sher Ali’s insult gives a new topic to followers of all political parties. In fact, insulting a leader is not a new thing, same things have already happened with the top leadership of PMLN like Nawaz Sharif, Ishaq Dar. however, the reaction of Abid Sher Ali on insult was totally different. No other leader gave vulgar words of abuse as abid sher ali gave.

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