USA DV Lottery 2023 Registration has been official opened. In fact, it is a great opportunity to immigrate to USA through diversity visa lottery program. If you are selected through lottery draw, you will win USA green card which allows you to live and work in USA forever.

DV lottery 2023 registration start date:

DV lottery registration has been started from 06, October 2021 and will remain opened until 09 November 2021 at Noon EST. You can submit your application between this period.

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Diversity visa lottery 2023 eligible countries:

This year almost 18 countries are not eligible for diversity visa lottery. The citizen of these countries cannot apply for USA visa lottery. The citizen of other countries are eligible for dv lottery and can submit application.

What if Your Country is not eligible:

If your county is included in the list of not eligible countries, you can apply for visa lottery program. It is important to mention that country of citizenship means, the citizenship you obtained by birth. If you have dual citizenship, the citizenship you got by birth, will be counted to determine your eligibility.

However, you can be eligible if your spouse holds birth citizenship of an eligible country. In some cases, you can be eligible if you parents holds citizenship by birth of an eligible country.

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Diversity Visa Lottery Quota:

According to the official website of USA immigration, 55,000 green cards will granted through diversity visa lottery. It means 55,000 applicants can win through 2023 diversity visa lottery program.

diversity visa lottery application 2023:

The application process of diversity visa lottery program is quite simple. All you have to visit the official website of USA State Department and fill an online form.

dv lottery 2023 results release date:

In diversity visa lottery program, candidates are chosen through computer which chooses randomly. From May 07, 2022, the results of draw will be available. You can check the result of you application online.

It is important to mention that when you submit application in DV Lottery Program, you get a confirmation number. In order to check status or result of draw, you have to enter the confirmation number as well as year birth and your family name/last name. For Diversity lottery 2023, you have to keep confirmation number saved until at least 30 September 2023.

DV lottery 2023 requirements:

There are some conditions of diversity visa program which are given below:

  • must clean criminal record.
  • have a valid passport.
  • age must be between 25 to 58 years.
  • Adherence to the laws of the country
  • marital status and other private data cannot be changed after submission of application.

Important: There is no fee to apply in DV lottery. Please do not pay any fee to anyone in this regard. Furthermore USA State Department will never send your any email or call or sms to inform you about results, so beware of fraudulent activities.

Source: USA Department of State

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