PTA Tax Increase in 2023

PTA Tax Increase in 2023:

Unfortunately, the PTA tax Increase in 2023 is an unfair decision by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority. The mobile phone taxes are dramatically increased again, especially for iPhones 14 and S23 series. This kind of activity is very shocking as the taxes on the luxury phone are increased multiple times in recent months.

Now the PTA-approved phone will cost 15% to 20% more even for overseas Pakistanis. There’s no doubt that the iPhone is a symbol of luxury and the most-sold smartphone in the global market, and if you are living in a country like Pakistan it’s almost impossible to pay this kind of tax.

Having a non-PTA iPhone doesn’t make any sense and why buy a phone if it doesn’t support SIM coverage? People are conscious of their status because only rich families of society can afford the new models. Even if somehow you manage to save and arrange the money to buy the latest iPhone, keep in mind the PTA tax Increase in 2023 will be almost the same. Today we will be going to share the updated PTA taxes on iPhone 14 series.

PTA TAX Calculator 2023, Click here.

iPhone 14

Price of Box-Packed PTA Approved Phone PKR 320,000

PKR 1,32,400+17,600 (On Passport)

PKR 1,42,991+37000 (On CNIC)

iPhone 14 Pro

Price of Box-Packed PTA Approved Phone PKR 470,000.00

PKR 1,32,400+28,600 (On Passport)

PKR 1,45,991+37000 (On CNIC)

iPhone 14 Pro Max

Price of Box-Packed PTA Approved Phone PKR 550,000.00

PKR 1,35,400+28,600 (On Passport)

PKR 1,48,991+39000 (On CNIC)

Why PTA Taxes Are Increasing Every day?

As per reports, the PTA tax Increase in 2023 changed after every 25 days. You can the previous article we wrote on iPhone taxes and compare it to this one. You will see that the imported mobile phone taxes are increased dramatically. The value of the rupee is dropping and State Bank reserves can be blamed.

In order to maintain economic stability, the government only sees one solution which is blocking the import of smartphones. This will only affect the retailers who import phones in bulk. On the other hand, normal users are sad and worried because they import phones for personal use only. In case, you have any queries regarding the PTA taxes of any smartphone, visit this link for PTA Tax Calculator:


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