Big Update: Hajj Package 2023 Pakistan Price – Hajj News 2023

Hajj Package 2023 Pakistan Price – Hajj News 2023

The Hajj season comes every year and it’s a wish of every Muslim to perform Hajj. The 9th and 10th of the Zil Hajj are the Hajj dates in the Muslim month fixed to perform Hajj. Pakistan is ranked second on the list of the most Hajj pilgrims traveling every year. Due to the sudden spikes in the dollar exchange rate, the Hajj package 2023 Pakistan price has increased. We are going to discuss the new private Hajj price and some important information in this article.

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Private Hajj Package 2023 Pakistan Price

The private Hajj package is ranging from Economy Rs.675000 to VIP 10,00,000 (10 Lac) this year. Hajj visa cost is included in the package. The Hajj pilgrim will be going to pay for side expenses such as traveling, food, and hotel rent. Of course, the private Hajj package will be more costly than the Govt. hajj package. Every agent offers a different Hajj price to pilgrims.

Pakistan Hajj Policy 2023:

According to the new government Hajj scheme, a 50% quota will be fixed for pilgrims who will pay Hajj expenses to the government in dollars. There’s no waiting line or lucky draw for people willing to pay in dollar currency. Hajj policy will be sent to Cabinet Division next week. The reason behind this decision is to recover the dollar shortage in the exchange market. The number of people selected, who want to perform Hajj this year via lucky draw has passed 54,000 digit. A confirm decision has not been made yet regarding the Hajj policy. The ministry will set up a meeting with all the cabinet members in a few days. The 13 Lakh Hajj expense amount is now official. Stay tuned for more updates on the new Hajj policy 2023 and visit our website for regular updates.

Pakistan Govt. Hajj Policy and Plan 2023

The Hajj policy 2023 provided by the Govt. is yet to be disclosed. We advise you to wait for the Ministry of Religion Affairs to announce Govt. Hajj Policy and Plan 2023. This is the official website of MRA:

As you can see the previous 2022 policy is available but not 2023. According to reports, the expected cost of the annual Hajj pilgrimage is 11,00,000 (11 Lac). The final cost will be decided and announced by the government once this matter has been collaborated with the Saudi authorities.


We try our best to provide the information regarding the Hajj package 2023 Pakistan price as soon as possible. This article will give an update on the private Hajj prices. You can visit our website for daily news and useful articles.