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Malaysia entry requirements during covid crises.

The Ministry of foreign affairs of Malaysia has updated entry requirements due to ongoing pandemic. Effective from 1st June 2020, foreigners holding a valid permit such professional visit pass, Employment pass etc can now enter Malaysia. However, all passengers have to stay in a quarantine center up to 14 days as the government of Malaysia has already designated some centers to quarantine incoming passengers. Two other requirements have been set for all passengers; the requirements are as follows:

  1. Sign the Letter of Undertaking and Indemnity (LoU)

All passengers including foreigners and citizens of Malaysia have to fill and sign “the letter of undertaking and Indemnity (LoU)”. According to new law, by signing this letter, all travelers are agreeing to bear the expenses of quarantine which is now mandatory for passengers. The citizens of Malaysia have to pay 50% of total expenses whereas foreign nationals have to pay full 100% expenses of quarantine.

All travelers have to download this form, fill, sign and sent to Embassy of Malaysia in their country through email. This form is available to download at the following links:

For Malaysian Citizens:

For Foreigners:

  1. Obtain a Letter of Permission to Perform Journey to Malaysia 

This is another requirement to enter Malaysia. Each traveler have to send a signed the letter of undertaking and Indemnity (LoU) to embassy of Malaysia along with other documents such as scanned copy of passport and visa through email as said above. The embassy will issue an approval letter through email for applicant to allow a passenger to travel to Malaysia. This approval will be sent to applicant through email which must be printed on paper and have to present at the of boarding the plane. Passengers will not be allowed to board in case they are failed to present “letter of permission”. Letter of permission should be obtained at least three days before traveling.

For more information, please contact High commission/embassy/consulate of Malaysia.