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Mother bear and cub enjoy afternoon on school playground

ASHEVILLE, North Carolina — A mother bear and her cub brought delight to the staff at an elementary school in North Carolina.

The bears were seen Tuesday, Sept. 21, playing together on the playground of an elementary school.

Betsie Stockslager, the teacher of Fifth grade made the video of mother bear and her cub while they were playing.

“Y’all – seriously! This happened today,” Stockslager wrote on Instagram. “It made me so happy to watch this mama bear entertaining her cub and playing on our playground…this was after school, ya know – that time in the afternoon when you just have to take your kid to the playground to get their energy out!”

Stockslager told on social media that arrival of mother bear and cub an unusual things. Many times animals have come to play on our ground. While talking to safety of students, he mentioned that all staff is well trained about safety measures and know how to deal with animals.

There were very few people in the campus when mother bear and her cub came to play on the ground. In this situation, the decided to enjoy watching them play together. They spent almost half an hour watching their play.

Watch Video of Mother bear and cub enjoy afternoon on school playground:

Source: California News Times.