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Estonia Creates Digital Nomad Visa.

Finally, The parliament of Estonia has allowed to amend Alien act and create a digital nomad visa which has been under discussion since 2018. Estonia is already offering e-residency to all foreigners who want to run a business in Estonia remotely. However, there was an issue with the e-residency, it doesn’t allow anyone to travel to Estonia. Currently, e residency holders have to obtain short stay visa to travel to Estonia. The digital nomad visa has come to resolve this issue. [Read about: Estonia e-residency]

The new digital nomad visa will allow 1800 people to travel to Estonia every year. E-residency holders are the main focus of digital nomad visa.

In past, e-residents have to obtain tourist visa or some other short stay visa to look after their remote business in Estonia. Employment is forbidden on short stay visa; however, the digital nomad visa would allow e-residents to take up an employment, run business or work as freelancers.

Digital nomad visa would be issued for short stay as well as long stay. The maximum length of visa would be up to one year. The exact application process and requirements have yet to be revealed.

Source of the News: Forbes