Dr Mala Ali Kurdistani in Pakistan.

Dr Mala Ali Kurdistani in Pakistan: A lot of videos are viral on social media platforms in which Mullah Ali Kalak is doing spiritual treatment of kids who do not have ability of seeing, speaking or listening. According to his claims he is doing treatment of such children by reciting the verses of Holy Quran. His name is Mullah Ali Kalak but he is known as Dr Mala Alik Kurdistani.

In the viral images on social media, we can see Ex-Prime Minster Yousaf Raza Gilaani, Speaker National Assembly Asad Qaisar and Special assistant to PM Hafiz Tahir Ashrafi and many other well known political personalities meeting Dr. Mala Ali Kurdistani.

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The Deputy Commissioner of Islamabad Hamza Shafqaat has announced on twitter, that the popular faith healer has arrived in Islamabad and a large number of people want to visit him. However, the office of deputy commissioner has no contact with Dr. Mala Kurdistani.

Dr Mala Ali Kurdistani in Pakistan Address:

According to some tweets on twitter, Dr Mala Ali Kurdistani is currently residing at 7UP Chowk I-9 sector Islamabad.

Who is Dr Mala Ali Kurdistani?

Dr Mala Ali Kurdistani, an Iraqi faith healer has a controversial personality. During a recent TV interview, he claimed of doing successful treatment of blind, deaf, dumb and cancer patient for lost 26 years. His videos are viral on social media.

Despite his claims,  he was arrested by Saudi Authorities in Madinah in 2020, as reported by an Iraqi English newspaper. The reason of arrest was his video claim treating successfully a blind person who became able to see after the treatment by Dr Mala Ali. The Saudi government rejected his claim, declared it illusions.

A local Pakistani news channel Sama interviewed the faith healer, he said he is providing treatment through Rohani method. Most of the patients are cured soon after treatment and some take six months to two years to be cured.

According to the expert of medical sciences, the claims of Dr. Mala Ali has not scientific base. Most of the people of Pakistan are superstition and believe in fake faith healers that’s why they are trapped by such fake faith healers.

it is worth mentioning that this is not a first case of faith healing,  a large number of local faith healer already exist and running their business for a long time. However, most of the faith healers proved wrong upon investigation by Media and other investigation departments.

The Dean and Doctor of Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences said that ignorant people are often trapped by faith healers and mostly they stopped getting treatment from a proper doctor which results in more complexity in their problem.

Pakistani people have great respect for faith healers which is mostly abused by fake claimers. The situation become worst when well known political leaders meet such faith healers. This gives an impression to common public that this faith healer has good credibility. This has exactly happened in the case of Dr. Mala Ali Kurdistani.

Instead of meeting and respecting such faith healers, the government investigation departments should do necessary investigation and provide with proper guidance for common people. It can be seen that hundreds of needy people bring their children to Dr. Mala Ali for treatment, however, the government is still sleeping as usual.

Source of  information is The Voice of America Urdu.

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