Dallas Police Arrested Lil Loaded.

On Monday, Dallas police department arrested Lil loaded, Dashawn Robertson under the charge of  a murder. The record of country jail of Dallas tells that The Dallas rapper is in the lock up of detention facility of Suzanne Lee Kays on a bail of 500,000 $. What are the exact details of murder? it has yet to be revealed, however, reports say that he is accused of shooting Khalia Walker who was 18 years old, on 25 October. The age of Lil Loaded is said to be 20 years.

On 25 October, there was a last activity of Lil Loaded on social media. On instagaram, Lil Loaded published a triubute to one of his friends Savage Boosie regarding his death. Although it hasn’t yet confirmed by any relavant authority yet it is being said that Savage Boosie is the real name of Khalia Walker and Lil Loaded is charged in his death.

“So much love fa u they thought we had the same mama,” Loaded captioned the video. “ima see u soon.”

Lil Loaded is well known for “B.O.S.,” his own twist on YNW Melly’s 2018 song “Butter Pecan,” and his music tracks like “6locc 6a6y,” “Gang Unit” and “Hit Em Up.”