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Check Saudi Iqama Expiry 2022

Now, you can check iqama expiry without absher account. This is a new and updated method. Many expats do not have registered an abhser account and many of those do not want to create it. This method is good for all those who do not have any absher account and still want to check iqama expiry date. If you want to create your free absher account, simply click here to create free absher account.

Check Iqama expiry  English Date:

If you use this method to check iqama validity, you will automatically find expiry date of your iqama both in Hijri and Gregorian  Calendar. It means you do not need to use to external hijri to Gregorian date converters because system will automatically shows English date as well as hijri date . Of course it will be easier and time saving for you. [Read Also: check iqama name]

How To Check Iqama expiry date without absher.

We will use Ministry of Labor of Saudi Arabia’s website to check iqama validity and expiry without absher. Usually, we use this website to Check Iqama Red Green Status but today we are using it to check validity of Iqama. Please follow these steps to learn how to check iqama validity without absher account. You can find screenshots of each step as well.

Steps  for Iqama Validity Checking:

Step#01: First of all open this link of Ministry of Labor of Saudi Arabia MOL KSA. You will see a page in Arabic. You can change the language of this page. Simply Click on “عربی” , A menu will appear where you can choose “English”, “Urdu” or “Arabic” from this menu. Please see the following screenshot:

If you are checking on phone:

This methods is easy to use especially on laptop and PC. However, phone users can also use this method to check their iqama expiry date. If you are phone use, you need to open your phone browser, open the above address of MOL KSA and then go to top right side of your browser. You will see three dots, top these three dots and then click “Desktop site”. Becuase when you open this website on phone browser, the full website does not load. When you click “Desktop site”, this loads the full website. However, you may need to zoom the page.


Step#02: Now, you have English version of this website. In fact, this is page to create an account ministry of labor’s website but we are not going to create any account here. We will use this page only to check iqama validity.  Once you have English version of this website, Click “New User


Now you have to enter your iqama number, date of birth and verification code shown on the page. Once you have entered these credentials, Click “Next”. Please have a look at following screenshots:

Please Note: To enter Date of Birth, you have to click Calendar button as shown in screenshot. A calendar will appear. It is usually a Hijri Calendar but you can choose Gregorian or English. Simply Click on “Hijri” and you will see “Gregorian”, Click Gregorian to select it. Once you have selected Gregorian, you can choose year, day and month for your date of birth, Have a look at following screenshot:

That’s All. Now system will show you expiry date of your Saudi Arabia’s Iqama. This is called is your iqama validity date as shown in the following screenshot.

This is the way to check expiry date in english without absher account. Once you have seen your iqama validity , you do not continue to next step. Simply close the browser’s tab.

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