Buy Pakistan vs New Zealand 2021 Tickets Rawalpindi

Pakistan vs New Zealand 2021 Tickets Rawalpindi: The sale of Pak vs NZ T20 ODI tickets has been started, the spectators can buy tickets online through website or by calling at contact number.

Get NADRA vaccine certificate, click here.

Pakistan vs New Zealand tickets price:

Depending on the type of plan, the tickets are available at price 1000 and 2000 Pakistani rupee for the matches in Rawalpindi. However, the price will be 500 to 3000 Pakistani rupee for the matches in Lahore. have a look at the following screenshot:

Pakistan vs New Zealand tickets booking:

Pakistan vs New Zealand match tickets booking has begun. “Book Me” has been authorised to sell cricket match tickets. If you want to buy tickets, follow the steps given below:

First of all visit bookme website by clicking the link given below:

You will see the list of all upcoming matches. This page will be updated time to time. So, you can see which matches are coming soon and what tickets are available. Click any match to buy ticket:

Now, you will see different ticket plans and prices. click the one you want to buy, click book me.

Now, you can see the available seats. Click on seat icon to check if it is available. The blue color means this seat ticket is available. click it to book.

On the right side, you can see the price. click “book me”

Now, you need to enter your identity details and NADRA vaccination details. Finally, make a payment to buy ticket online. Various payment methods are available like visa/master card or jazz cash and easypaisa etc. You will receive confirmation on your phone as well as through email, so make sure to enter correct information before making a payment.

You can also download book me app where you can buy tickets online, it might be more convenient for you. click the link given below to download app:

It is important to know that purchased Pak vs NZ match tickets are not transferable. All fans have to bring original identity card and original vaccination certificate. However, if you have got only one dose of vaccine and your age is 17 to 18, you are still allowed to enter. All those with age less than 18 or those who don’t have identity card, they have to bring B-Form or FRC (family registration certificate) issued by NADRA. All spectator must use face mask.

Due to covid situation, only 25% of total capacity of stadium will be use with social distancing. According to Chief Executive of Book Me, you can book Pakistan vs New Zealand T20 tickets with only one click and by entering vaccination number. The agreement of selling tickets of book me will continue until September 2021. Book me will sell tickets for England, West Indies and Australia series and next both additions of PSL and domestic matches.

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