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Saiq Khas Nakal Kafala after Huroob

We are back with an important update about Saiq Khas Nakal Kafala after Huroob. In short, how to cancel Huroob without Kafeel. This is one of the most asked questions these days as the Ministry of Labour and Social Development in Saudi Arabia has done some changes to Huroob law. According to the new law, workers are allowed for Nakal Kafala without Kafeel under some specific circumstances. No need to ask for the company’s or Kafeel’s permission. So how’s everything done?

If the ex-employer is listed in the Red Nitaqat and about 75% of the total employees’ contracts are not registered with GOSI. Or listed in the Red Nitaqat as they pay fewer salaries to 80% of employees under the wage protection system and the salaries are also delayed. This updated law is not for domestic employees but if you want to try it in your case, you are more than welcome. Keeping Huroob aside and the employer is on the red list, a case can be presented. There are rules for the new sponsor also, they can only accept Saiq Khas Nakal Kafala after Huroob if they are green listed and don’t have any pending visa waiting to be stamped. It is mainly for employees of holdings and big companies. If you want to read all the details about this topic you can visit this link:

Source: MOL KSA