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New approval system for dubai residents stranded abroad.

GDRFRA Dubai has launched a new approval system for Dubai residency holders who are currently stranded abroad and want to return to Dubai. The supreme committee of Dubai for crises and disasters management announced yesterday that Dubai residents would be allowed to return to Dubai from 22 June 2020.

Apply for GDRFA  (Dubai)  Approval:

All stranded  residents of Dubai have to apply for an approval online at official website of GDRFA Dubai. Approval from GDRFA is mandatory in order to travel to Dubai. So, all residency visa holders need to apply for approval online.The link of GDRFA website is given below:


Click to Download Health Declaration form

Click to Download Quarantine Declaration form.

Dubai residency visa holders will receive approval within a few days after submission of application at GDRFA website. They have to keep printed copy of GDRFA approval while traveling to Dubai.

Flight Ticket Booking:

GDRFA has clearly advised all visa holders not to book or purchase flight ticket until you get approval from GDRFA Dubai. Airlines would not sell flight ticket to those who do not have approval from GDRFA department. while purchasing ticket, visa holders have to provide the number of their application for GDRFA approval. So, it is mandatory to apply and get approval from GDRFA first and buy ticket from UAE based airlines (Emirates airline, fly Dubai airline etc.) afterwards. Do not buy flight ticket from airlines other than UAE based airlines,

Other Requirements to travel to UAE:

All residency visa holders have to meet the following requirements while traveling to Dubai:

  1. Health Declaration form: All residents have to fill and sign health declaration form and submit to airport authorities upon arrival. The Form can be downloaded from the link given above.
  2. Quarantine Declaration form: All residents have to fill and sign quarantine declaration form and submit to airport authorities upon arrival along with health declaration form. Quarantine form is available to download from the link given above.
  3. Residency visa holders do not need to have a PCR test before departure from home country.
  4. PCR test will be done upon arrival in Dubai at airport. Residents have to stay at residence until test report is received.
  5. If PCR rest report is positive, the resident have to quarantine for 14 days at his residence. If isolation is not possible at residence, the employer have to make arrangements for his quarantine and bear expenses in this regard.  In this scenario, the employer can send employee to Quarantine center and bear his expenses of quarantine.
  6. All Residents have to download and install the app “Covid-19 DXB” and register themselves in the app.
  7. All residents have to follow and adopt precautionary measures to prevent spread of corona virus.

Visa Holders of Other Emirates:

The new GDRFA approval system is only for those who have residency/work visa of Dubai and now living abroad. People whose visas are not issued from Dubai, they cannot apply for GDRFA approval. UAE residents whose visas are issued from other emirates have to apply website of ICA by clicking here. For example, if someone have Abu Dhabi visa, he should apply for ICA approval.