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New Schengen Visa Rules

All twenty six schengen countries has formally adopted and implemented new rules for schengen visa on 2nd February 2020. This will affect citizen of almost 105 non-European countries who want to visit any of 26 schengen states..

Which type of Visa is to be effected?

New Schengen visa rules are applicable on short stay visa which is also known as visitor  visa or Type C visa. This includes all types of visitor visa for any purpose, for example: Business visit, tourist visit visa, meeting friends and family etc.

List of New Schengen visa Rules:

Schengen countries has the following factors in regard of visitor visa:

  1. Changed visa fees.
  2. Advance submission of visa  Application.
  3. Electronic  submission method of visa application.
  4. Visa processing time.
  5. Schengen countries representations abroad.
  6. Travel Health insurance.
  7. New multiple entry schengen visa.

Explanation of Changed Visa Policy:

New Schengen Visa Fees:

According to new schengen visa code and new rules, schengen visa fees has been increased to 80 Euro. Previously, it was 60 euro but it is now 80 euro. visa fees for minors between age 6 to 12 has also been increased to 40 euro; it was 35 euro in past, however there is still no fees for children age less than 6 years. please Note: visa application service providers like vfs global charge additional fees for their services.

When to Submit Visa Application?

As per new rules for schengen visa, you can submit visa application maximum 6 months in advance before your intended date of travel. It means if you want to travel in June, you can submit your visa application in January, February, March, April, May or June, any time you want. Previously, you were allowed to submit maximum three months in advance before your intended date of travel.

Travel Insurance:

There was a debate that requirement of travel insurance for schengen visa will be eliminated but it is still there. There is no change to this requirement,  You still have to buy travel insurance with coverage of 30 thousand euro for  whole duration of your trip to schengen countries. [Read Also: where to buy travel insurance for schengen visa]

Electronic Visa Application:

New schengen visa rules instructed the schengen states to launch electronic visa application system so that visa applicants can apply visa and upload required documents online. Some countries have already launched this system in past and rest will launch as soon as possible.

Visa Processing Time:

There is no change in visa processing time. Minimum visa processing time is 15 days and in some cases it can be up to 45 days. visa applicants are advised to apply in advance as early as possible.

New Multiple Entry Schengen Visa:

It is a good news for those who needs to visit schengen zone frquently, they can now get multiple entry schengen visa with long duration. Frequent travelers can get multiple entry schengen visa with a duration of one year in the beginning. However, gradually this validity will be increased up to five years. This includes all types and purposes of trips to schengen countries like business, tourism etc.

Schengen Countries Representations Abroad:

Some schengen countries do not have their embassies/consulates/representations in some non-eu countries. According to the new law, all schengen countries need to have consulates or representations through other schengen countries in all non-eu countries.