Now You Can Get NADRA Power of Attorney Online – Digital Power of Attorney for Overseas Pakistanis in 2023.

NADRA Power of Attorney Online – Digital Power of Attorney for Overseas Pakistanis

There’s good news for overseas Pakistanis. Regardless of their current location in any foreign country, NADRA has started a new online service called NADRA Power of Attorney online. Previously, this service was only available for Pakistanis residing in the United States of America. But now you can apply for Power of Attorney online from anywhere in the world using the NADRA portal. This is the same portal used for various NADRA services such as passport and ID card renewal. Every overseas Pakistani needs this document every once in a while.

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NADRA Power of Attorney and Its Purpose:

Power of Attorney is a type of document that provides authority to another person to take action on your behalf. It’s a legal process and very beneficial if you are an overseas Pakistani. For example, suppose you want to sell a property in Pakistan but currently living in another country. In that case, you can apply for NADRA Power of Attorney online and nominate a specific trusted person to give authority and sign formal documents on your behalf.

Why Does Every Overseas Pakistani  NADRA Power of Attorney?

According to shared news by DGIP (Directorate General Immigration & Passports), if an overseas Pakistani has family members in the home country and wants to apply for the passport of any children, It’s mandatory to have the father’s original CNIC at the time of applying. If that’s not possible then Power of Attorney is also acceptable. In old days, families had to visit Pakistani embassies to get their father’s Power of Attorney— No need to worry as the process can be done online via NADRA Portal.

How to Apply for NADRA Power of Attorney Online:

  • NADRA Account Creation
  • Apply for Power of Attorney
  • Biometrics Forms
  • Fee Payment
  • Online Video Interview
  • Final Decision

Step 1: NADRA Account Creation

First, the applicant needs to create an account with NADRA by visiting this link: A valid email address should be used as a One-Time Password (OTP) will be sent via email to authenticate the email address.

Step 2: Apply for Power of Attorney at NADRA website:

In this step, you can apply for POA online by submitting some personal details. Such as information about the applicant, a minimum number of two witnesses, and Attonery details including a picture and CNIC, etc. Now upload a scan of the signed POA by Executor including their thumb impressions. Unsigned copies are not acceptable by the Consulate and the application will be rejected immediately. You will have to upload other supporting documents such as a scanned file of affidavits. Thumb impressions and photos of the witnesses should also be affixed on the scanned copy of the original Power of Attorney.

Step 3: Biometrics Forms

Download three fingerprint forms from the NADRA website for Biometric Verification of applicants and witnesses. Each form should be filled out by the respective individual. Both applicant and witnesses should provide their fingerprints in the required boxes. It’s important to read all the declarations and terms before signing the form. Scan and upload these forms once they are completed. Make sure to provide all the fingerprints correctly or in case of failure to do so, there are 4 chances to re-upload the biometric form. After that, you will have to start the application again from the beginning.

Step 4: NADRA Power of Attorney Fee:

Once you have uploaded the forms, the Biometric verification status will be shared via email. If your verification is successful you will be asked to make the online fee payment. It can be done using a Credit or Debit card only. Once you have made the payment against your application, your progress will move forward to the Online Video Interview.

Step 5: Online Video Interview

Later you can prepare for an online Video Interview on the provided time and date along with a link. The Consular officer is responsible for scheduling and conducting the online Video Interview with the applicant. After that, the final decision will be made and notified via email. You should be present to attend the interview at the right time and answer all the relevant queries.

Step 6: Final Decision

If Consular Officer approves your application for NADRA Power of Attorney online, the system will send a notification via email. The applicant should collect the Final Consent within 15 days of receiving the email. Failure to do so may result in the application being rejected. You can print the successful application details including case ID, applicant’s, witness and Attorney details, and official approving case officer information. The Attorney will have the POA in Pakistan and can proceed with legal actions on behalf of an overseas Pakistani.

In case of any problem with the application please visit the MoFA Office. 

This is how you can apply for NADRA power of Attorney online. Keep visiting for latest information.