Book the Second Dose Covid Vaccine Appointment in Saudi Arabia.

You can now book the second dose covid vaccine appointment in Saudi Arabia as Saudi government has opened registration. The second dose of covid vaccine will be available for everyone but 40+ age group people will receive it first. Who will get vaccine first it depends on age group. As far booking of appointment is concerned, the step by step process is given below. Previously for the first dose, the system was automatically making appointments for residents, but for the second dose, all residents have to make booking appointments.

Eligibility for the second dose of vaccine in Saudi Arabia?

Everyone is eligible for the second dose in Saudi Arabia. However, some age groups will get vaccine first. Whatever your age is, you will receive an sms on your contact number when you will be eligible, and then you can book appointment through sehaty app as described below. You should have registered your free account in Sehaty app. It manage everything related to covid including vaccine registration and covid test. [Read also: Update Tawakkalna Immune Status from Outside Saudi Arabia]

how to book second dose of covid vaccine in Saudi Arabia?

You can appointment for the second dose of covid vaccine using Sehaty app. First of all, download sehaty app from the following link:

Download and install Sehaty app from the above link. Login to your sehaty account.

open Sehaty app and click “Covid 19 vaccine”

Click “View Appointment”. A new page will open.

Now, click “Book the second dose appointment”.

If have received a SMS that you are eligible for the second dose, you can start booking appointment at this stage. The system will allow you to choose time, date and vaccine centre.

If you haven’t received any sms regarding your eligibility, you cannot book appointment. In this case, When you click “book the second dose appointment”, You will see a message “sorry your are not eligible, you will receive a sms once you are eligible”. So you have to wait for the sms to be eligible for the second dose.

As reported by Saudi Gazette, The Saudi government is making efforts to give vaccines to every resident. If you have received first dose of vaccine and want to get second dose of different vaccine, it is still an unanswered question. We highly suggest to contact relative vaccine centre to get authentic and accurate information.

This is how you can Book the Second Dose Covid Vaccine Appointment in Saudi Arabia. Recently, the Saudi Government announced that all pilgrims who have been selected through draw, they will be asked to get two vaccine dose if they haven’t received before.