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Dallah driving School appointment is now easier than past as The General directorate of Traffic Police of Saudi Arabia has launched an online service in “ABSHER”. The new service allows all men and women to book driving lessons classes online without visiting Dallah in person. Previously, it was mandatory to visit Dallah driving school for the booking of learn lessons, however, you can now book it online using ABSHER platform. This service is fully working since 04 January 2022. All men and women from all regions of Saudi Arabia can use this service online.

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Dallah driving School appointment Procedure:

You can book Dallah driving school appointment through your active ABHSER account. If you don’t have an ABSHER account, you can get one free ABSHER account in five minutes by clicking here.

  1. Once you have an ABSHER account, You need to log into your ABSHER account. You can access ABSHER portal by clicking this link:
  2. Go down on the page, and find “Appointments” tab, Click “Appointments”.
  3. A new screen will appear, you have to choose “Traffic”.
  4. Now, click “Proceed to Service”.
  5. A new page will open, you have to click “Book new appointment”.
  6. At this step, you have to select the purpose of appointment. As you want to book Dallah Driving school appointment, so you have to select “Dallah Driving School Appointment” or إصدار رخصة قيادة
  7. In your next step, you have to book the branch of Dallah Driving School where you can go easily. (The region and city where you want to visit Dallah).
  8. After this, you can see all available date and time slots. Choose one time and date when you want to visit Dallah School.
  9. At this stage, you will see  a list of documents which are required when you visit Dallah. You can save this list.
  10. Click “confirm appointment details” and done. You have booked your appointment at Dallah Driving School for learning driving lessons.

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ABSHER platform also allows you to cancel or change your booked Dallah appointment. You have to visit “appointments” tab in ABSHER and find cancel button which is available against your booked appointment.

You can use “update” button to change your appointment. Click “Update” and then select new time and date from available slots.

“Open” button allows to open your booked appointment and see the details of Dallah Driving School Appointment.

It is worth mentioning that you must have your own ABSHER account which must be active. You cannot use someone’s account to book appointment for you.

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  1. Appreciate your article it did help me out regarding registering thru absher n on how to create an account on absher but sadly…the city of jeddah isnt shown in the list of schools to doesn’t exit..neither in makkah region or anything…i m still lost as to how i can enroll for driving classes in jeddah. Hoping u can equip us with more current info.
    Thanx again!

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