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UK Farm Worker Visa Under Seasonal Agriculture Worker Scheme Pilot Program 2019.


UK Farm Worker Visa Video:

UK Farm Worker Visa

Home Secretary of United Kingdome Mr. Sajid Javed Announced UK Farm Worker Visa Pilot Scheme on September 2018. UK is facing extreme labor shortage in agriculture field since UK’s Brexit matter started. Previously UK Famers were able to get labor from European countries but now it is not any more. So farmers of UK are demanding more manpower to manage their crops and gardens in other words to farmer jobs in UK.

Late in 2018, UK government announced that a farm worker visa scheme would be launched in spring 2019. The specialty of this scheme is that it would be only for Non-European countries. UK government announced this pilot program “Seasonal Agriculture Workers Scheme” will run for two years on trial bases from spring 2019 to the end of 2020. Though there was demand of around 10 thousand farm workers yet Currently only 2500 workers will be selected for UK farmer jobs. Actually UK government wants to observe the Behavior foreign workers if they leave UK after finishing their visa or not Because many people become overstay in UK. However, UK government said that the number of Visas will be increased if this pilot programs runs successfully. Temporary UK Agriculture visa with 6 months’ duration will be given to workers coming from Non-European countries. This visa will not be renewed. However, these UK agriculture visas will be issued under UK’s Tier 5 category of immigration programs.

UK Farm Worker Visa Requirements.

as mentioned above, these visa will be given to foreigners to work in agriculture fields like managing crops, fruit picking and animals care, so this program doesn’t require any high qualification, experience, degree or ielts. However, application should be able to speak and understand English at basic level. Though, UK government haven’t specified any requirements for this yet we are sharing some requirements which may be need to meet for this visa:

  • Visa application form Online
  • Visa application fee
  • Good health certificate
  • English proficiency (it doesn’t mean ielts but having passed ielts will be plus point)
  • Experience if any
  • Job offer from UK Farmer/employer
  • Job contract with details of wages.
  • Labor market report (may be needed but not yet confirmed)
  • Any travel history
  • Complete information about applicant’s family
  • Applicant’s tie with country and family

UK Farm Worker Visa Sponsorship

Recently UK government authorized two labor recruitment companies to run UK farm worker visa pilot program. Name of Two Companies

  1. Concordia Click to visit website
  2. Pro-Force Click to visit website

A license of Sponsorship has been granted to these two operators. Each company has quota of 1250 person which they can recruit to work in UK. These companies are working like a medium between workers and employers.  It is actually good for workers because UK government selected companies to provide sponsorships to foreign workers. So it became slightly easy and straight forward to find job offer from UK. Visa applicants do not need to search and apply anywhere else for job offer. These companies will get registration of interest from UK employers who want labor and then companies will choose labor from abroad.

UK Farm Worker Visa Registration

These company have also collected “Registration of Interest” from UK employers who want workers as well as from non-European workers who wish to work in UK as a farm worker. These companies collected data from visa applicants to shortlist the countries where to get labor.

Recently, Concordia labor recruiter announced at its official website that they fill hire workers only from three non-European countries Ukraine, Russia and Moldova.

While the second Company Pro-Force made announcement at their official website they will recruit labor only from two non-European countries Ukraine and Moldova.

They further said that they are not able to include more countries because of low quota of workers specified by UK government. As mentioned earlier, UK government has decided to bring only 2500 foreign workers in the beginning. so each company is allowed to recruit only 1250 from non-European countries this is why Pro-Force and Concordia are not recruiting labor from other non-European countries. So people who are not citizens of Ukraine, Moldova and Russia, they will not be able to get this farm worker visa.

Pro-Force further declared that they will keep the details send to them by workers under “Registration of Interest” and if they need more labor they may contact to the person who are already registered through registration of interest with pro-force.

All applicants are advised to stay away from fake consultants and scam agents who are promising to provide UK farm worker visa because only pro-force and Concordia two companies are authorized to recruit labor and provide sponsorship from UK employers for farm worker visas.




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