New rules for Iqama Renewal in Saudi Arabia 2023

Saudi Arabia’s government cabinet has made new rules for iqama and work permit renewal in January 2023. According to the new rules, Iqama and work permits can be extended for a minimum period of three months. Previously, it was mandatory to renew iqama and work permit for a period of minimum 1 year and had to pay fee for one year.

Under the new rules, iqama holders can renew iqama and visa for period less than 1 year which can be minimum three months and fee will be charged accordingly. For example: for a three months renewal of iqama and work permit, the fee will be charged for three months instead of one year and obviously the fee of three months will be less than 1 year.

As per new amendments, this rule does not apply to domestic workers and its related professions.

News published by Saudi gazette.